The nature is a cure! Silicate mineral zeolite improves the immune system and metabolism, lowers sugar, relieves gastritis and nausea, inflammation of the gums, mouth ulcers etc. Because of its healing properties, zeolite constantly attracts attention.

It was first located in the volcanic rocks that were formed by deposition of gases and vapors in the oceans. In nature there are more than 200 types of zeolite. They can be fibrous, leafy and crystalline. The cleanest and most efficient has been used for human treatment. Its healing properties are proven by chemical and toxicological analyzes.

The essence of zeolite is that it brings nutrients to the body cells.

zeolite formation

As such, zeolite can be mixed with drinking water but also it can be applied on the skin if there are wounds or other undesirable changes. Sources claim that zeolite enhances immune system and metabolism, lowers sugar, inflammation of the gums, mouth ulcers… It promotes the extraction of excess fluid from the body, soothes allergies and helps with cleansing liver and other organs.

When taken orally zeolite regulates high blood pressure, fat and cholesterol, prevents development of atherosclerosis and other complications.

Body massage with zeolite, mixed with some body lotion, can clean fatty deposits and skin becomes firmer and smooth after treatment. Zeolite helps with burns caused by excessive sunbathing, as with psoriasis, seborrhea and herpes. It removes fungal diseases and even radioactive contamination.

zeolite radiation

Otherwise, advocates of zeolite claim that all health disorders arise due to the decline of the immune system. The status of the immune system is affected by everyday stressful situations, increasingly polluted air, junk food and polluted water, the increased effect of radioactive substances etc. These pathogens cause increased effects of free radicals that occur due to increased intoxication of the organism and that leads to development of various diseases.

Zeolite helps the body by binding and neutralizing free radicals and it regulates the pH levels. Besides this zeolite has proven to be a good dietary supplement because it contains an abundance of minerals – potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium… As such, it represents a significant addition to a healthy diet.

However, the desired effect of the treatment cannot be expected immediately. Three to six months is the optimal period during which the zeolite should be taken in order for changes to take effect.

Recommendations for zeolite use is to moderate your diet and intake this mineral with two liters of water a day so it will slowly lift your immune system. At the same time, such a regime could regulate pH of the blood, cleanse the body of toxins and improve overall quality of life.

On the other hand, zeolite is especially recommended for healthy people who suffer extremely strong physical effort, such as professional athletes. Due to heavy training, competitions and psychological tension before the show a strong oxidative stress becomes noticeable. Instead of taking the synthetic vitamin and other preparations, it is preferable to orient the natural antioxidants, such as zeolite.

Clinical and sports studies demonstrate that activated zeolite helps athletes to reduce free radicals, faster regenerate organism, have greater durability and after all to have better success in competitions while they generally improve their psychological and physical condition. Regular intake of zeolite affects the entire body detoxification of heavy metals and a whole range of dangerous toxins that threaten the health and vitality.

origin of zeolite

Most importantly, products on the basis of an activated zeolite are absolutely natural, with no additives, contraindications and side effects!

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