If you drink a glass of warmish water mixed with a teaspoon of honey on a daily basis, you will do a great thing for your body.

You will tame excessive gases

If your stomach is constantly bloated and full of gas the mixture of warmish water and honey will neutralize these problems. Very soon you will feel like you’re a few pounds lighter and this will put you in a better mood.

Say goodbye to toxins and embrace detoxification as a new way to improve your health. If you put lemon into the drink, the thing gets even better because it will make you urinate more often.

Your Skin Will Be Cleaner

Honey is a natural antioxidant, which means it helps eliminate the toxins from the body, and thanks to its antibacterial properties your skin will look better than ever.

You Will Lose Weight

Honey is consisted of natural sugars that will help satisfy your carvings for sweets. If you replace the juices you usually drink throughout the day with this drink, you can reduce the intake of 64 percent of calories and save your health.


Forget about the sore throat

Did you know that honey is an excellent remedy for respiratory infections? If not, then, the very next time you catch cold, you will certainly remember what to consume.

You will regulate your blood sugar levels

The combination of fructose and glucose helps the body get blood sugar levels under control and, at the same time, it also reduces bad cholesterol.

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