Besides being one of the most delicious fruit drinks, bananas will make your life better in a few more ways:

You can use them instead of sports drinks

Research conducted on 14 professional cyclists showed that half a banana has the same effect as if they were drinking a cup of a sports drink every 15 minutes during the race that lasts about 3 hours. Performance of the cyclists was equal as from the drinks full of carbohydrates. Bananas contain more nutrients and healthier blend of natural sugars and antioxidants.

Help to boost your metabolism

Bananas are a great source of resistant starch, starch which is found in foods rich in carbohydrates, and it helps us lose weight. It takes more time for our body to digest starch, which means that we will have a sense of satiety for longer time. Slightly greener banana of medium size contains 12.5 grams of resistant starch, while ripe banana contains nearly 5.

Bananas benefits

Regulate blood pressure

Another good side of bananas is their high amount of potassium: that will help with regulation of blood pressure. This means the more potassium we consume, the more sodium gets out of the body. This mineral acts as a natural diuretic, stimulates kidneys to excrete excess sodium which our body retains.

Good for the digestive system bacteria

Bananas are high in prebiotics, carbohydrates that our body cannot digest. However, despite this fact it can have an important role in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Prebiotics provide food probiotics, and thus helps them grow. In addition to bananas, prebiotics can be found in dried apricot, onion and garlic.

Relieve abdominal discomfort

Due to the large amounts of fiber, bananas will help with constipation, recovery after diarrhea and will help with regulation of gastric acid, heartburn and ulcers.

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