The man has always used whole grains in his nutrition. Only with modern technology and the discovery of steel rollers in wheat (1830) it replaced the classic stone mills and led to mass production of white flour. Rejecting the whole grain and oriented themselves exclusively to white bread and pastries, modern mankind has gradually pushed out of its nutrition and rejected many very valuable grains such as: rye, buckwheat, millet, barley, oats and even corn.

For centuries our ancestors have cultivated the plants and raised them for sustenance. In order to be modern, man of today gave up so easy and degraded this plant into animal food. Only a few individuals are trying to maintain and preserve the traditional ways of preparing dishes from whole grains, as well as special gourmet cuisine.

Did you know that large intake of fiber and ballast substances from grain, with magnesium, protects against diabetes type 2?

Women who eat eleven or more servings of whole grains a week have reduced the risk of inflammatory processes, which can sometimes be fatal to life, say nutritionists. Knowledge is very important because this nutrition does not only refer to chronic inflammation, but also diabetes, asthma and heart disease, according to news portal „Vecernje Novosti“.

Therefore, each member of gentler sex should daily eat oatmeal, whole brown rice, brown bread, cereal whole wheat, especially for breakfast, as well as corn and popcorn.

A high intake of fiber and ballast substances from grain with magnesium protects against type 2 diabetes, and that was confirmed by the experts of the German Institute for Nutrition in Potsdam.

This conclusion is based on years of research which included 25,000 ladies 35 to 65 years. Among them were 844 people with type 2 diabetes. Respondents who ate whole grains daily have for up to 28 percent less chances to catch diabetes.

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