The smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips! Many will agree that the first impression is always the most important. Experts say that a smile can break through all the barriers and that is a beautiful, compelling and essential not just to beauty but for your health also! So, take care of your teeth, they are your natural pearls.

In order to have perfectly white and healthy teeth there’s no need to pay expensive treatments and products. Dental care is important not only for a beautiful smile, but it is vital to overall health.

As you may heard, the most famous smile in the world today (often called “imperfect string of pearls style”) is owned by stunning Kate Middleton. People say that we are supposed to celebrate famous French dentist who lives and works in London, Didier Fillon, a dentist of Mrs. Middleton. That’s all because his secret to perfection lies precisely in this magical, but natural, imperfection.

Just remember, you do not need plastic surgery nor expensive dental procedures. The most beautiful ornament on the face of every woman is natural smile. Now focus on our words and with the help of Healthy Fit Natural advices try these fast tips for home teeth whitening.

It won’t cost you nothing if you try the following recipe. Don’t forget, our grandmothers used it!

All you need to whiten your teeth (ingredients):

1 lemon

30 grams of baking soda

How it’s made (procedure):

Mix lemon juice with the baking soda. That will create a foam, and you should wait until it disappears before you place the mixture on your teeth with a cotton ball.

Don’t forget to avoid brushing your teeth two hours after treatment. Always rinse your mouth with water one minute after the appliance of the mixture because acid can damage tooth enamel.

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ― Nhat Hanh

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