In the latest study scientist came to the conclusion that the morning is not an ideal time for coffee. Monday morning, 8AM. You stayed up late and didn’t get much sleep, and at 9AM you have your first meeting. Coffee, you need some coffee. Get out of bed. You putt the coffeepot on the stove. You open the container with coffee. You smell it and already feel better. You pour coffee into boiling water. Sugar or milk, add or not. Save it just the way you like. Coffee. It really is the other best-selling good in the world. After oil off course.

Morning coffee is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation.

The smell of coffee in the morning is something that drives us, awakens us. It seems like it is discovered over and over again with start of each morning. However, is it possible that all this time we have been wrong about drinking coffee? Modern science gives us a new perspective on our coffee drinking habits and tradition. And it’s totally the opposite. Looks like we have been doing it all wrong.

Early morning is actually the WORST possible time for coffee!

Let’s get a couple of steps back. Why do you get tired? When we wake up and start with our daily activities, nucleoside named adenosine slowly accumulates in the brain. It is linked to the receptors in the brain, thus slowing down our brain activity. Therefore, at the end of the day we feel tired, because we often need afternoon nap. It turns out that caffeine has a similar chemical composition as adenosine. When we drink coffee, the caffeine molecule binds to the same receptors to which adenosine attaches. This means that they are mutually fighting for a receptor in the brain. Sooner or later, adenosine will be left high and dry, and because caffeine slows brain activity we shall not feel tired.

This principle works very well, but not for long. Although the body wants to rest, the brain quickly connects what it is and start to generate more receptors for adenosine. And that means that we are falling asleep. In other words, we are tired, we need a greater amount of coffee. This is one of the reasons why we’re drinking coffee, our body demands more of this black drink.

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