None of us want to think about getting old, but it’s something we all have to do. Even if our spirits don’t age, our bodies do get older. Many of us fall ill, become less mobile than we once were – and it’s something we can’t really help or control. If you want to make sure you have the highest quality of life as you age, then this guide is right for you. Here’s what you must do:




Cut Out Bad Habits As Early On As Possible

If you smoke, drink too much, take drugs, or do anything that could be considered a bad habit, it’s a good idea to cut them out as quickly as you possibly can. Cutting these out early on will stop you from developing too much long term damage. We all know that these things are bad for us, and yet we still do them for short term enjoyment. Enjoying one cigarette here and there or an alcoholic beverage might not kill you, but you should be mindful. Cutting out bad habits and doing what’s best for your body will keep you healthy and vibrant in the long run. A life of drinking and smoking never left anybody in good condition.


Focus On Your Nutrition

The food we eat literally makes us. If you spend your life eating fast foods, lots of sugar and lots of junk, then you’re going to run into problems. You might pile on excess weight, which can lead to other health problems. You might not gain weight, but you could very well end up with heart disease or other health issues. Focus on eating foods that are good for you. You don’t need to diet, and you don’t need to cut out treats altogether. Again, it’s a simple case of being more mindful of the foods you eat. Cook from scratch and use healthy ingredients. Eat plenty of vegetables. Enjoy your diet but don’t stuff your body full of additives and unhealthy fats/sugars. Get in those nutrients!


Take Supplements

Supplements are a great way to enhance a healthy lifestyle, whatever your age. You may want to visit a doctor to see which supplements are right for you, depending on your age and any existing medical conditions. You can take vitamins and all kinds of supplements designed to improve health. Just bear in mind that nothing does the body better than eating the foods that contain these vitamins raw! Only turn to supplements if you’re unable to get something out of your food.


Stay Active Regularly

You don’t need to be an athlete, or even have a gym membership to stay active. Go for short walks each day. You can do certain exercises in your home if you really want to! It’s never too late to start, and this is the type of thing that will keep you mobile and able for so much longer. You could even start swimming, which is a great low impact activity if you have joint problems. There’s something out there for everybody.




Keep Your Brain Healthy

Keeping the brain healthy is just as important as keeping anything else healthy. Diseases like Dementia are heartbreaking and common among the older generation. You can keep your brain healthy by brain training, and do things like puzzles. You can test yourself! Of course, what you’re putting into your body also plays a role in brain health.


Make Close Connections And Friendships

Making close connections and friendships that stand the test of time will help you to combat loneliness as you enter old age. Loneliness is a big problem among the elderly. Get out there and join social groups, make lots of friends! Make an effort to stay in touch. As we age, people naturally disappear from our lives. By making good friends, it’s unlikely you’ll get lonely.





Stay In Touch With Your Family

Your family should be really important to you too. Stay in touch with them and make an effort. Some elderly people are old fashioned and believe that their family should be making the effort with them. While it’s a two-way street, you can’t be stubborn. Make an effort and hopefully, you will have visitors! Better yet, go to visit your family if you’re able.


Save A Cash Cushion

Having money behind you won’t hurt, and many people prefer to have a separate cash cushion to their retirement fund. You never know what could be around the corner, and you’ll want to keep up the lifestyle you’re used to. Start saving early on to look after yourself as you age. You won’t regret it!


Make A Retirement Plan

Make a retirement plan so you have something to work towards while you’re young. Include the sort of lifestyle you want to live and what you expect you’ll be doing. This will help you to work out what sort of figure you want to have behind you.




Keep Regular Health Appointments

Keep up regular health appointments, even if they are just check ups. You’re not wasting anybody’s time by making sure you’re healthy! It’s important you visit the doctor, as they will be able to spot things before you. Things that don’t bother us while we’re young can be quite troublesome when we’re older. Make sure your eyes are healthy and get a prescription for glasses if you need one, especially if you’re driving. It’s even important to make sure you’re keeping your teeth healthy. Don’t miss these appointments. It’s so important you look after yourself.



Get Out Of The House

You can do pretty much everything in the house. You have your programs, you can do your exercises, you’ll probably even get visitors. But that doesn’t mean you should stay locked up in your house! Try to get out, if possible. Even if you just go for a short walk or sit in the garden for a while, getting fresh air and sunlight will work wonders to lift your mood.



Practice Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene should be a given – being clean and smelling nice is polite to other people, and of course you want to give a good impression. It can be harder to do this as you age, so make sure you get help if you need it. Some people find that getting care at home is the best option for them. This page about nursing can give you more information on what’s available for elderly people.





Keep A Positive Outlook

It can be easy to grow old and become bitter. Maybe bitter about the way you look, or how you can’t do the things you once did anymore. Maybe bitter you don’t get as many visitors as you’d like. It’s so important you keep a positive outlook on the world! Whether you believe it or not, many people maintain that your outlook and beliefs shape the world around you. Being grateful for all you have and staying positive whatever your situation is the key to a happy life. It isn’t having lots of money and living in a mansion! Those people aren’t any happier than you. And isn’t that the most important thing?


Know How To De-stress

Knowing how to de-stress will help you in all kinds of situations. Stress can be the cause of weight gain, weight loss, hair loss, and so many more issues. Work can stress us out, running a family and house, and so much more. Whatever is stressing you out, make sure you know how to de-stress. Learn how to control your emotions – over thinking about things rarely helps a situation. You should take the time to do things you really enjoy. Take time to pamper yourself, meditate. Read a book. Take some deep breaths. Get some exercise. You can even use techniques like aromatherapy and EFT to de-stress! There are so many techniques, so try those that you are drawn to and you should see a big difference in how you feel.


Wear Sensible Clothes

Nobody is saying you should dress like an ‘old person’ or sacrifice your style. However, bones are usually more fragile when we grow old. Not only that, we become more sensible to hot and cold. You want to make sure you’re comfortable and can move freely each day, as well as being able to withstand the temperature wherever you are. Invest in good shoes, and lots of layering items so you can control your temperature and stay able whatever you’re doing.


See? It isn’t too difficult to keep a high quality of life as you age. The sooner you begin to do it, the sooner you’ll enjoy a better quality of life overall! Living in the present moment is important, but so is thinking to the future. Think about where you want to end up and how you want to live your life, before helping yourself to do those things. If you have any tips or thoughts you’d like to share, make sure you leave them below. Thanks for reading and make sure you come back soon!