Although experts say that men snore more than women, this sleep disorder equally affects both sexes – the ones who snore can often spoil the dream for others. Snoring is a problem that afflicts many people and sure you have tried various methods to stop this nasty sleep disorder. Stats say that 75 percent of people suffer from shortness of breath during sleep. Snoring accompanied by insufficient supplies of the oxygen for the brain reduces the quality of sleep and causes fatigue.

Here is a list of 4 simple tips that can help you get rid of snoring and save you from the tormenting your partners who share bed with you.

Forget about vices

Snoring is more common with people who are smokers because smoking irritates the nasal passages, thereby reduces airflow and thus is more difficult to breathe through the nose. Also, alcohol affects muscle relaxation – palate descends towards the tongue that also fall to the side of the throat that blocks the passage of air into the throat.

Lose weight

Studies have shown that the chances for snoring problems are as much as 50 percent higher with overweight people. It is due to the fatty deposits in the upper airways which may impede the normal breathing.

Do not sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back increases the probability of snoring and then snoring is much louder because it is a posture in which the air flow is most unstable. Researches show that snoring noise is lower with people who sleep on their side and that it decreases when people are sleeping on a thicker pillow.

Sing more

Experts say that any kind of singing helps people release themselves of this ugly phenomenon because it strengthens muscles in the upper part of the throat that prevent blockage of the airways. Even long and loudly pronouncing vowels every day for two, three minutes can help.

Snoring is something that cannot be stopped at will, nor is something that can be “cured”. However, it can be successfully controlled. Practice this tricks and enjoy dreams without noise.

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