Everyone knows you should eat less and exercise more in order to melt the pounds. Sounds easy, but it usually isn’t. So, how to lose weight successfully? Here are some Healthy Fit Natural tips:

Drink plenty of water!

People often confuse hunger and thirst and eat when they are in fact thirsty. In this way, instead of eating extra calories you should rather drink a glass of water. “If you don’t like drinking ordinary water, drink water with a bit of lemon juice, or drink some aromatic tea (without sweetening),” says dietitian Cynthia Sas, PR American Dietetic Association.

Think about what you can eat and not about what you need to remove from your diet!


For example, focus on eating the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This amount of fruits and vegetables will satisfy your need for fiber. You cannot overeat by eating fruits and vegetables, because the higher intake of fruits and vegetables reduces the intake of fat. There are a large number of phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables that are very healthy.

Consider whether you’re really hungry!

Whenever you feel hungry, observe physical signs of hunger, advises Dr. Michelle May, author of “Am I Hungry?“.  “Hunger is a sign that the body needs fuel, so when the desire for food does not come from hunger, food intake is not satisfied.” After eating, you should feel better and not bloated, overloaded or tired. “Your stomach is the size of a fist and is in need for that amount of food to feel that you are full,” says Dr. May.

Be careful what you snack in the evening!

Thoughtless snacking is typical part of the evening, when you finally relax after all the daily duties and obligations. “An example of thoughtless snacking is a picture of watching a TV program, after dinner, with a large bag of potato chips and cookies, even though you are not hungry” says dietitian American Dietetic Association Malena Perdomo.

Enjoy your favorite foods!

If you feed yourself with favorite foods, chances are you’ll constantly feel hungry and eat more than you need. Rather than that, remove favorite foods from the menu, reduce the amount, and for example, eat one cookie instead of “all of it.” So enjoy, but moderately!

“You’re wrong for me” food throw out of the house!

When you want to eat something that otherwise would not be advisable by dietitian, you usually go to the local pastry shop or favorite restaurant. Of course, the point is not to go there every time, but occasionally, or to make an event of it. In the meantime, throw out of the kitchen food that brings you into temptation and fill it with fresh fruit that will serve as dessert.

Eat several small meals during the day!

The point is to intake fewer calories, which can be quite difficult if you feel hungry. “Studies have shown that people who eat 4-5 smaller servings a day, better control their appetite and weight,” says obesity researcher and dietitian Rebecca Reeves, who has a doctorate in public health. It is recommended to divide the number of calories in smaller meals and enjoy them earlier in the day. Dinner should be the last daily meal.

Eat protein at every meal!

Protein will saturate better than carbohydrates and fats. “A diet rich in protein and moderate carbohydrate diet, along with regular exercise, can help you lose weight” says Dr. Donald Leimen from the University of Illinois which examines the impact of the protein on the body. Sufficient intake of protein helps maintain muscle mass and encourages fat burning, and at the same time makes you feel full. Therefore turn in the diet of healthy protein sources: yoghurt, cheese, nuts, and legumes.

Use spices!

Spicy food stimulates the “sensors” of taste, you will quickly be satisfied and you will eat less.

Order children’s portions in the restaurant!

It is known that the portions in the restaurant are big. Therefore, order half portions or children’s portions – this is the easiest way to reduce the number of calories. There is another trick to control portions and calories: eat from smaller plates. Thus, the portions look larger, and if your brain is satisfied, the stomach will be as well.

Eat seasonally!

If you eat fruits and vegetables while in season, you will feel its true flavor and get the most nutrients.

Replace pasta with vegetables!

Simply reduce pasta or bread, and increase the amount of vegetables. You will lose weight for a number of ready-made clothing in a year.

Do not eat when you’re stressed!

Instead of food, calm yourself with music, meditation, some nice movie or bath with essential oils…

Be physically active!

Do not use workout as a punishment, but as a reward. Focus on how good you feel during and after the workout and on the benefits of extra energy that workout provides. Physical activity is good regardless of whether you want to lose weight or not, include it in the daily schedule and enjoy it.

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