Excess weight is a problem for many, for aesthetic reasons, but it’s more dangerous for health. Obesity can increase the risk of diabetes and causes other inconveniences such as edema and varicose veins.

Weight loss depends on many factors but a few general guidelines path to the desired figure much easier. Here are some tips that may be helpful it comes to being fit:

  • To lose five pounds a year you should intake 100 calories less per day. The sharp reduction in caloric intake per day will affect your energy level and increase hunger. Eventually you won’t be able to resist high-calorie food.
  • Never miss breakfast. Eat at least two hours after waking, actually you should eat more food for breakfast than you think. Take away a few calories from dinner and add them to breakfast.
  • Do not allow yourself to get hungry. Eat every four hours. You should always make sure you are “filled” right before and after training. For example, eat part of your breakfast before training (banana), and leave the rest for later runs (a bagel with peanut butter).
  • Eat at least three of the following four types of food per meal:
    1. Bread, cereals and grains;
    2. Fruits and vegetables;
    3. Low-fat milk and soy;
    4. Lean meat, fish and nuts
  • Aim for gradual loss of body fat. If you suddenly start to lose weight, you are much more likely to gain that weight back fast, even more weight than you had before (the famous yo-yo effect).
  • Be careful on the calories that you enter through the various liquids. Many forget that today almost every drink has calories, except water. Some of them can lead to gaining weight. Reduce your intake of carbonated drinks, fruit juices and alcohol and the results will be visible soon.
  • Reduce the proportion of processed food and increase your intake of food that naturally grows on land (fruits and vegetables).
  • Fast food intake should be reduced to the minimum. If you are not able to completely remove it from the menu, at least inquire about its nutritional properties. Avoid certain food that says “fried,” “crispy” and “special sauce”.

Change your habits:

The basis for the beginning of natural weight loss teach us to change unhealthy habits and adopting healthy ones. The problem of many people who are overweight is skipping breakfast, and then they overeat in the afternoon or evening. Find time for healthy, regular and moderate meals starting with breakfast. Reduce use of refined oils and fats, sugar, (industrial) salt, alcohol, and products made of white flour. Replace them with healthy versions in the form of cold pressed oils, healthy sweeteners and whole grain products. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink fresh juices, herbal teas and water. Daily exercise and find a form of workout that suits you best.


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8 tips to lose weight
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