Lemon is used in many different ways and here are examples of how you can add some freshness to your appearance with the help of sour juice of this plant.

How to lighten your hair

This method is already widely known among girls but still has retained the basic instructions. Apply the lemon juice directly to the strands that you want to bleach. Then you can simply use a hair dryer.

Tone your face

Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice on a piece of cotton wool pad or cotton ball and apply to the parts of your face that have excess fat and annoying reflections.

Lemon Juice will remove excess fat and will make the skin more balanced.

Nail whitening

If your nails are discolored, squeeze lemon into a small bowl and soak the fingertips in for a few minutes. Juice will bring out the stains.


The citric acid in lemon juice kills bacteria that cause odors and makes the perfect lemon deodorant for an emergency use. Just rub the juice under the armpit.

Hair treatment

Lemon juice combined with water is considered for the best hair product. Just mix two liquids in one-to-one, apply on and leave it for one minute before rinsing the hair.

Lighten skin marks

Lemon is already legendary known remedy for bleaching spots. Put juice on a piece of cotton wool and apply to places you want to whiten. The results will soon be apparent.

No more dandruff

Lemon juice is not as good as a preventive against dandruff, but is excellent for the removal of existing hotbeds of this annoying problem. If dandruff bothers you, you should rub lemon juice into the scalp and leave it on for ten minutes.

Natural peeling

Make a mixture: one-third of salt, one-third of lemon juice and one third of olive oil. Now you have the completely natural mixture to exfoliate the skin of your body.

Remove stains from fabrics

Lemon is also useful in the household. Stains from almost any substance can be removed using lemon juice. For coarser fabrics mix the lemon juice with salt, for softer fabrics is enough to apply just lemon juice. Apply to a cloth and rub the stain, simple as that.

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