Skipping meals might have a beneficial effect on the general health of the usual eating habits, experts say.

The historian Abigail Carol and journalist Kiera Butler stated that this nutrition system is a European creation, forcibly imposed on Native Americans, where the frequency of eating varied depending on the seasons, and included fasting.

Carol and Butler pointed out that no scientific research has confirmed health benefits of the stated regime. Breakfast, which apparently is the most important meal of the day, is the most convenient way for companies engaged in production of cereals and juices to simply manipulate customers.

One of the main arguments for their claim is the research result of the University of Bath and the University of Alabama, which have shown that skipping breakfast does not affect the total number of calories you entered during the day.

three meals a day

Research on mice, published in the “Cell Metabolism” journal also showed that those specimens who have received meals twice a day, at about nine o’clock in the morning and five in the afternoon, on average, were much healthier and leaner than individuals that had their meals three times a day.

Despite the fact that fasting is nowadays considered inhumane, according to the experts, it actually has a beneficial effect on the body – reduces blood pressure, promotes weight loss and extends the life.

Thanks to the fasting, the body uses stored body fat and sugar, and eliminates the worn-out cells, which stimulates the entire immune system recovery.

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