Blueberry is a relatively new culture, insufficiently known, and although it deserves a lot of attention because of its healing properties there are still many things we don’t know about phenomenal blueberries. Before you read our Healthy Fit Natural list you should know that the lifespan of a plant is up to 50 years! Can you believe it?

Most often blueberries are used in salads.

It has been known that blueberries contain many antioxidant powers and a small number of calories in general.

However, some of the benefits of blueberries for our health are not known, so we decided to present several facts about this superfood. Here are the most important:

Blueberries protect against dementia

A study from 2012 suggests that consuming one serving of blueberries per week slows cognitive decline for several years. Blueberries protect the brain by cleaning the toxic proteins that accumulate and in that way help with dementia.


Can be used as a natural paint

Legend has it that American colonists boiled blueberries with milk to make color they want.

Perfect blueberries are those of grayish blue color

This grayish layer should be removed immediately before eating, otherwise blueberries will spoil if you wash them and leave to stand for a long time.

Many blueberry flavored products do not contain real blueberries

Bun, cereal, bread and muffins use a combination of sugar, corn syrup, starch, oils and artificial flavors that mimic the taste of blueberries.

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