Journalist David McCandless made an interactive web site with information on the impact of different foods on our overall health.

Every day, worldwide experts publish various studies about which foods are healthy, and the results of different studies are often contradictory – some claim that coffee is healthy others say it is not, and the same goes for eggs, tea, fruit and many other foods.

David McCandless, author of the book “Information is Beautiful” began to collect data from various studies and made an interactive website in order to help people who want to find the information related to some foods, and who want to know if a certain food is healthy.

really healthy foods

McCandless, together with Dr. Miriam Quick, researched studies that actually have evidence and arguments on the impact of certain foods.

On this interactive website foods are divided into categories in accordance with the evidence on health effects: “strong,” “good,” “promising,” “inconclusive”, “some” “slight” or “no evidence”.

So for example, there is no evidence that oysters are an aphrodisiac, and there is a little evidence that green tea regulates blood cholesterol, and that Chia seed promotes weight loss and heart health.

However, there is good news.

There is strong evidence that sugar found in barley helps to regulate bad cholesterol, as well as garlic actually lowers blood pressure.

“Good evidence” as McCandless calls it, applies for almonds because they help in lowering of bad cholesterol levels, both in healthy people and in people who have high cholesterol or diabetes.

Scientific evidence that coconut oil promotes weight loss is “promising”.

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