Every true coffee lover will tell you, a day cannot begin without a hot cup of coffee. Only then the day can start as it should.

If this is the case and the coffee is an irreplaceable part of your everyday life, then you will be excited to hear about the five scientific facts about the coffee delight.

One cup a day can prolong life

Based on a recent study, people who consume coffee on a daily basis have a reduced risk of many deadly diseases such as stroke, heart diseases and respiratory problems.

best coffee benefits

The researchers tracked the health of 400,000 men and women for a period of 14 years and found that those who drank at least one cup a day had a 5 percent decreased risk of deadly diseases, while those who drank four cups of coffee a day reduced the risk to about 16 percent.

Caffeine is perfect “fuel” for your brain

Caffeine is known for giving a “stimulus” to overall cognitive performance.

The “Wiley Online Library” says that caffeine affects changes in various neurotransmitters (blocks the effects of those that slow down the activity of the brain).

Drinking coffee also helps your memory and keeps your brain in top shape.

It’s great for lifting your mood or energy

When you have a bad day, nothing helps more than “good old” cup of coffee to relax. Coffee accelerates blood flow, makes you more alert and makes you feel more alive in this world.

Another good thing is that it affects the nerves to calm down, which does not mean that you’ll be calmer if you drink more cups of coffee at once, so standard your dose.

It reduces Depression

It makes your skin more beautiful

Your skin and your body will thank you for the cup of coffee. Antioxidants are known for the renewal of skin cells and rejuvenating the body, and the coffee beans are full of them!

These are even better news – coffee beans also contain ingredients that fight off cancer.

An interesting fact is that the coffee beans are one of the largest sources of antioxidants and contain as much as three times more of them than some other foods, tea or wine.

You know what you have to do – go put yourself a cup of coffee! 😀

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