Simple movements strengthen the muscles that protect the joints in the legs. You can practice these five types of exercises every day at home.

Joint pain is often a sign of osteoarthritis or cartilage wear and knees are particularly vulnerable.

After 30 years of age the cartilage gradually begins to wear out. Elastic tissue, like shock absorbers that protect the bones, begins to disappear. Fortunately you can prevent this problem, primarily by changing the habits in nutrition and movement, as well as additional exercises you can do at home.

sore knee exercise

The first thing that you need to change is your daily movement routine. With regular movement of the knees you allow cartilage to expel the product of matter exchange and absorb nutrients from the joint (synovial) fluid.

Best results are achieved by uniform movements that do not burden the wrist, especially cycling. Drive at a slower speed and avoid ascents. Swimming protects the joints, as well as exercises in the pool. Abnormal positions, for example high heels, burden cartilage. Try to walk barefoot as often as possible, and when you are outdoors, wear flat shoes with soft soles.

Long sitting with legs bent at the knees can be a real stress on the knees, because cartilage remains almost completely free of nutrients. So get up from time to time and make a few steps.

Strong muscles strengthen the knee, especially the large front thigh muscle (quadriceps). So you should do these exercises to strengthen leg muscles every day.

You can do these five simple exercises at home, since they have been proven to remove acute pain in about six days.


Squats strengthen the muscles around the knee and improve their mobility. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart, start to lower your body pushing your hips back and keep your knees at 90 degrees angle. If possible, keep your knees parallel with the feet.

Marching in place

March in place for one minute twice a day, every day. This exercise “lubricates” the knees, relieves pain in the knee, and improves balance and stability of the body.

Isometric exercise

Sit on a chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor. Hold on to the edge of the chair, lift your right leg (knees bent), so that the foot is parallel with the ground. Hold this position for six to eight seconds and relax. Repeat the exercise eight to 12 times with each leg.

Step forward

This exercise is great for stretching the tendons and strengthening leg muscles. Stand in front of the small chair and put your left foot on it. Then lift your left leg and tilt it back as far as you can. Then do the same exercise with your right leg. Repeat the movements three times for 30 seconds with a pause of 20 seconds.

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