With the arrival of sunny days most people are faced with the desire to quickly remove the extra pounds that accumulated during the winter, so they are trying to find the best diet with fast results. Satisfaction with these results is often short-lived because in most cases lost pounds are quickly returned, and this time they are back in large numbers.

Have you ever wondered why you have the problem of excess weight? Are you still hungry when you eat? Or, like most, sometimes you just use food when you are worried, angry, upset or under stress?

Emotional eating is a momentary pleasure that helps you to temporarily escape from the existing problems. Everyone can feel bad at some point of their lives. Emotions such as anger, unhappiness and loneliness can cause humans to eat and block these feelings in that way.

Although you have suppressed your feelings by emotional overeating you cannot suppress the problem of excessively deposited pounds. That will create new feelings of insecurity, discomfort in the emotional realm and different unwanted results, from aesthetic to serious health symptoms. Implementation of different diets can significantly contribute to the problem, because they often limit a person’s wishes which further create emotional turmoil, stress, dissatisfaction and mental hunger.

Emotional overeating is one of the main reasons why so many diets don’t provide lasting results.

It is all because of their strict diet regime, focused only on losing pounds and not underlying emotional reasons for overeating.

Working on feelings and emotions as causes of overeating, the results will be permanent on the emotional and physical plane.

Floritherapy will help

Floritherapy is helpful with emotional overeating as with other eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia. Floritherapy changes the way of thinking and feeling, with which people permanently adopt responsibility for their body and nutrition.

Floritherapy is a natural, gentle and totally harmless method suitable for all ages. It can be used by very young children as well as the elderly. In conversation with floritherapist it will become clear how emotions and feelings work as the underlying causes of emotional overeating. Smooth application of flower essences causes gradually change in human behavior. The first results are visible very quickly but for permanent change of habits takes a few months of use. Pounds will disappear without hassle.

In agreement with floritherapist, a mixture of flower essences can be monitored and changed. Diet menus or new regime of physical exercises can be included but it is not necessary.

Combinations of flower essences

Manzanita, Pretty Face, Madrone and Fairy Lantern helps with: people suffering from excess weight or lack of vitality, developing confidence in their own beauty as external and internal, which will not go unnoticed.

Fuchsia Scarlet Monkeyflower, Hyssop, Pine and Willow helps: when the self-flagellation and deeply repressed rage caused with food exaggeration and accumulation of waste. Floritherapy helps release large amounts of energy through the development of the virtues opposed to these negative emotions. Thus, our body becames easy and freed of armor that is self made. Person becomes happier, more satisfied and leaner.

Snapdragon and Morning Glory helps: if you need to constantly chew something, or if there is a period of the day when you eat constantly.

Iris helps: if you have frequent cravings for sweets.

Milkweed and Evening Primrose helps: when there is a tendency to overeat even after you took a huge amount of food.

Trillium, California Pitcher Plant helps: if you have problems with cellulite, which is a consequence of the accumulation and inability to release toxic waste, if you are prone to poor digestion.

Crab Apple, Cherry and Plum Chestnut Bud helps: against emotional overeating, surely encourage the elimination of toxins, improve digestion, prevent you to lose control or go back to the old, poor eating habits.

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