Spring is flying by, and summer is just around the corner. If you’re desperate to look and feel your best for holidays, weddings or celebrations, now is the time to act. Take these simple tips on board and you’ll be summer-ready in no time!


You’ve probably read articles or heard people saying that you should drink plenty of water, but do you know why? Hydration is particularly important in the summer months when the mercury rises. Your body needs water for all kinds of different reasons. It helps to transport nutrients around your body and regulate your body temperature and blood pressure. If you don’t take enough fluids on board, you’re likely to feel tired, dizzy and confused. You may also notice that your skin looks and feels dry, and you get headaches. This summer, make sure you drink enough water. Aim for at least 2 liters per day. If it’s hot, or you’re exercising, increase your intake to replace water lost through sweat.




If you read health news on a regular basis, you’re probably aware of some of the benefits of exercise. Working out increases our fitness and stamina, but it also has incredible effects on our appearance. If you exercise regularly, you’ll notice that your body looks leaner and more toned and defined. If you want to lose weight for summer, exercise is a good place to start. Physical activity burns calories, and if you combine it with a healthy diet, you’ll notice a difference within days. If you’re not used to working out, build up the intensity of your workouts gradually. Seek advice from a personal trainer, use a DVD or follow interactive workouts online.




Summer is a fantastic time to evaluate your diet and think about ways to improve it. Your diet is essential for a healthy body and mind. Try to ensure that you get a good balance of foods, and resist the temptation to do fad diets. They may promise rapid weight loss, but they are often unsustainable, and you may be missing out on valuable nutrients. Aim for a balanced, calorie-controlled diet if you are eager to lose or maintain the same weight. Include plenty of fruit and vegetables and whole grains. Healthy snack ideas include nuts and seeds. Try to swap frying for grilling and opt for lean meats, poultry and fish, rather than processed meats. Keep an eye on your sugar intake. If you have a sweet tooth, try swapping candy and ice cream for fruit and natural yogurt. Cut down your intake of sugary drinks and ensure you drink plenty of water.

Whole Grains

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Summer is on its way, and what better time to start prepping your beach body. Follow these simple rules and you’ll look and feel better before you know it. For the first few days, it may be tough, but persevere. You will soon get used to a new, improved diet and regular workouts. Your new healthy lifestyle will not only make you feel more confident on holiday. It will also help to boost your health and wellbeing.