Did you know that inadequate footwear can significantly affect your health? Any footwear that changes anatomical and biomechanical relation of the foot during walking and standing is certainly inadequate. A number of health effects can occur as a result of frequent use of this footwear.

Initially manifested deformities in the thumb are can later cause problems with the toes and the whole foot. Inadequate footwear can cause blisters too. People with different diseases or impaired circulation can get an infection. A typical blister or less noticeable wound may cause gangrene.

Too rigid and sturdy rim shoes can lead to a pain in the back of the foot. Constant wearing of inappropriate footwear can lead to irregular walk, practically burdening the entire skeleton.

In addition, problems with circulation, different skin changes or fungal infection of the feet are often the consequence of inadequate or uncomfortable shoes.

The consequences for the feet, spine and circulation can be severe.

Flip flops

Exposing forefoot and toes directly to injuries and not providing marginal support is more and more frequent and indirectly can hurt your feet. Case with many flip flop models is that there is no support on the inside, which maintains the height of the longitudinal arch of the foot, and the frequent disproportion between feet and sole during the walk can lead to the pain in the heel.

High heels

They increase the load on the lumbar spine and baptismal-lumbar transition so it most likely to be a significant factor for the later problems. Excessive uplift of heels increases the pressure on the front foot and eventually causes pain. Shoes with a pointed tip are increasing pressure on the fingers. Often wearing heals can lead to a shortening of the Achilles tendon and later can lead to inflammation and pain in that area.

Ballet shoes

The main problem with ballet, despite significant comfort, is the lack of support for the medial longitudinal arch of the foot and cause somewhat stronger pressure on the heel when walking. However, in relation to the flip flops or shoes with high heels, these are rather more secure shoes.

Flat shoes

Shoes with a firm sole, slightly raised heel and medial exaltation are probably the most comfortable and most desirable shoes from a medical point of view. However, the problem lies in their lack of ventilation, which, in conditions of high temperature, increases the humidity and eventually can cause a yeast infection.

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