While potatoes mixed together with sugar and other foods contain carbohydrates and are usually the first on the list for expulsion if we want to lose weight, studies have shown that this modest food has many health benefits. We will now discover more about the potato.

Potatoes are useful vegetables that are commonly used, but also labeled as not very healthy, which is not quite true. One boiled humble potato contains only 26 calories and many nutrients good for our health. According to some studies potato is unfairly classified as a food with high glicemyc index, which indicates how quickly the food is digested. The lower index means that it takes more time to absorb the food into the body and longer time until we’re full.

Precisely for this reason, foods with a low index are recommended if you want to lose weight.

Glicemyc index of potato varies depending on the type of potato, the place where it has been grown and preparation methods. It decreases if we eat potatoes cold and if we store it in a shell.


Potato provides organism with the necessary energy, which is needed during dieting, and since it is rich in carbohydrates it helps physical reactions, such as movement, thinking and digestion.

Source of Vitamin C

Potatoes are used since the 19th century, when Spanish and English sailors used it to treat scurvy. It is rich in vitamin C.

Potato weighs about 150 g, together with bark contains 27 mg of vitamin C, which is almost half the recommended daily dose.

In addition, potatoes are rich in vitamin B, folate, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron. Since potato is underground plant, all the vitamins and minerals are stored in the fruit precisely because it is rich in nutrients.

High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

Scientists have discovered that potato contains a molecule that lowers high blood pressure. In traditional Chinese medicine they used plants containing these molecules to lower high blood pressure for centuries.

Although it is not yet determined what is the exact amount of potatoes which would lower the pressure, experts suggest several servings of cooked potatoes a day.

Studies have also revealed 60 different phytochemicals and vitamins in potato crust, and many of them protect the body against cardiovascular diseases and can lower bad LDL cholesterol. Vitamin B6, which can be found in the potato, lowers the molecules associated with inflammation and obstruction of the artery, and at the same time lowers the risk of heart attack.

Intestinal health

Only one baked potato can provide you with 12 percent of the recommended daily dose of healthy fiber, the same as those we have obtained from the comprehensive grain. Large amounts of dietary fiber digestion encourage health and bowel movements, which greatly reduces the risk of colon cancer.

While most of the fiber lies in the use of potatoes, the interior itself contains some starchy substances that are completely indigestible and therefore it is recommended that you always eat the cooled potatoes.

Choose wisely the type of potato

As we said at the beginning, healing powers of potato depends on its variety. White potatoes, for example, contain 26 percent fewer carbohydrates and 33 percent fewer calories than other types of potatoes. Red potatoes on the other hand contain more of sugar.

What our meals with potato makes unhealthy are additives that are inserted, and they are mainly calorie bombs, such as cheese, sour cream or butter. Try the taste of potatoes enriched with healthier condiments such as herbs and olive oil, and preferably always prepare the crust, because it contains a maximum of nutrients.

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