People who light up a cigarette immediately after waking up have a greater risk of developing lung cancer, according to a new study.

The research team led by Dr. Fang Guam of National Institute for the study of cancer interviewed more than 3,200 current and ex-smokers across the United States and Italy.

Research has shown that people who smoked their first cigarette shortly after waking up have a significantly higher risk of developing lung cancer than those who waited for more than an hour after getting out of bed to light up their first cigarette.

The link between lung cancer and the first cigarette of the day is higher for current smokers than it is for former smokers. The same goes for both sexes.

dont drink coffee and smoke

The study was published in the Journal of the National Institute for the study of cancer.

Scientists say more research is needed, because the current study cannot completely prove a cause and effect link between smoking a cigarette immediately after waking up and cancer.

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