Most people think that material things are the key to happiness. That, unfortunately, is not true. However, we can become happier if we stop doing these four things that we are used to.

Free yourself from the need to make a good impression

A lot of people think it is important what others think about them. After all, we are all social beings. But if you notice that you’re spending too much time, money and energy trying to impress others and gain their favor – this will no longer be the real you. There is no need of trying to do something and to give up of who you really are, because you’re the only real you who is truly important and unique.

Get rid of the need to always be right

Sometimes, when we think somebody doesn’t quite understand us or doesn’t respect us enough, we usually tend to convince them that they are wrong. We may even ask for an apology or at least to admit that they were wrong and we were right. Indeed, there are times when an apology is necessary. However, it is always better to turn to ourselves first. The real problem is that people don’t look at things the same way. In your world you’re right, but in their world, they are also right.

However, you shouldn’t allow negative feelings get into you, because then they will take advantage of every opportunity to “contaminate” other aspects of your life. Instead, it is always better to ask yourself:

“Do I want to be right?” “Or, if I want to be happy?”

Get rid of the desire to gossip

We often hear how gossips are just a cheap way to make us feel better, and many will agree. However, we all know that gossiping isn’t good or fair. But when people around you behave like this, it’s very easy to get yourself engage in this dirty game.

On the other hand, keep in mind that the quality of your life depends on the quality of conversations you are having. If you really want to lead a more fulfilling life, make sure that your every word carries a good vibration.

Free yourself from the past

The truth is – A look at the past certainly provides greater security, especially because we know what happened and we know what we could do to change things – if we just could. The fact is, we will never be able to change the past – unless time travel becomes a reality. Your past has fulfilled its purpose – it has shaped your personality and it has brought you to where you are today.

Be grateful for your experiences in the past and live with the knowledge that “NOW” is all you have.


Ivan is a exercise enthusiast and has a great passion for healthy living. He is extremely dedicated, motivated and passionate towards achieving positive results and has a genuine interest in helping others achieve their goals. His motto is "If we work together, the success will come twice as fast!" His mission is to provide others with nutrition and diet tips, workout advice and anything else that will help promote a healthier lifestyle.