Daily consumption of spicy (hot) food is associated with lower risk of premature death, including particular causes such as cancer, respiratory and heart diseases.

The research that established this was an observation type of study. It was found that the subjects who ate spicy food (for example, curry – a bitter Indian vegetable dish) once or twice a week, had 10% less risk of early death compared to those who ate spicy food less than once a week.

Previous studies have shown that spices, especially their bioactive components, have a good effect On Longevity.

We will especially point out capsaicin, the active component of chili peppers, which is well known to have antinflammatory and anticancer properties, and also it contributes to the regulation of body weight.


This research included a fairly large sample of more than 480,000 respondents, aged 30 to 79 years. They were monitored for 7 years, and in the end, when the statistics were thoroughly inspected, it turned out that on average, those who consumed spicy food once or twice a week they had a 10% lower risk of dying prematurely, while those who ate spicy food 3 to 5 days a week had even 14% lower risk of premature death. It was found that those who eat spicy food have a lower risk of death from cancer, ischemic heart disease and diabetes.

The survey was conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)

While the researchers say it is too early to draw conclusions, if you believe the statistics, it might be healthy to eat spicy foods, especially those containing chili based spices.

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