Sleeping Positions


By the end of the day, we all can’t wait to slip into our beds and get a good rest before the next day starts. It is important to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours per night, so our bodies could refill their batteries and survive the next challenges of the day. But sometimes, you can wake up even more tired than the last night. This could greatly depend on your sleeping position since each of them affects your body differently.

Sleeping on Your Back

sleep back

Sleeping on your back can bring so many benefits to your health. First of all, there are no curves in your back and the spine is in neutral position, so the neck and back pain are completely reduced. Also, this sleeping position reduces the acid reflux, since your head is elevated and above the level of your stomach.

Another unexpected benefit of sleeping on your back is a lower risk of developing wrinkles on your face. Your face is not pushed against anything, so the skin remains untouched. Lastly, this sleeping position is greatly beneficial for the ladies, since the weight of their breast is fully supported which prevents sagging.

The only disadvantage of this sleeping position is snoring. The best thing you can do to prevent the snoring is to have a proper and comfortable pillow. You need a puffy pillow that will support your head and neck, without propping them too much, and your snoring should be gone.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

sleep stomach

Probably one of the worst sleeping positions is the one on your stomach. Since it is the least natural position for our bodies, it can cause lots of problems with health and even appearance. And, the ones who sleep on their stomach will develop some significant problems with their mouth, teeth and jaw. Since your face and neck are tilted to one side, you are applying too much pressure on your head and face. This causes some severe neck and back pain, as well as hypersensitive teeth, gum inflammation, pain and difficulties while opening and closing your mouth, tension in the face muscles and many other difficulties.




As far as your appearance is concerned, sleeping on the stomach can encourage wrinkles to develop and your breasts to sag, since they are constantly under pressure of your body. The only thing that can disappear while you are sleeping in this position is snoring. Your airways are more open in this position and that eliminates the snoring. However, you have to think about all of those other problems.

For the back and neck pain, the only thing you can do is get a proper mattress and pillow, and try teaching yourself to sleep in another position. And if you already have problems with teeth that got misplaced through time because of this sleeping position, you should consider orthodontist in Sydney and restore perfect look and health of your mouth.


Fetal Position

fetal back

Curling up in a ball, pulling your knees high and tucking your chin into the chest may feel comfy at that moment, but in the morning you will know this was a bad idea. Fetal position puts a lot of pressure on your back, neck and other joints which can lead to severe pain and strains in the morning. Also, it may also restrict deep breathing, which can lead to shortage of breath or other respiratory problems. And fetal position is not doing any favors to your skin and breasts.

However, if you suffer from some severe snoring or sleep apnea, you could try this position out. Just make sure to straighten up a bit in order to be able to breathe properly and have a proper pillow for good support of your head and neck.



Sleeping on the Side

Sleeping on your side is good for your overall health. It can reduce snoring and it maintains your spine elongated. Also, it can help prevent acid reflux and it is a great sleeping position during pregnancy. Additionally, this sleeping position is even better if you sleep on your left sidsleep sidee, since this enhance the blood flow.

The Disadvantage of this position might be the sagging of your skin and breasts, as well as some numbness in your shoulders or hips. Because of the gravity, your skin and breasts will be pulled down to one side, and your face is smushed into the pillow.

All these contribute to the appearance of the wrinkles. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about the sagging and wrinkles, except moisturizing and taking good care of your skin during the day. As for the numbness in the shoulder, you can reduce that by getting a pillow with proper support. However, as soon as your body starts feeling numb, your brain will order it to switch positions.

Sleeping positions can greatly affect our overall health. Some of them may feel more comfortable, but you need to know what can happen to your body over the night. The best thing you can do is adjusting your sleeping habits to a certain position, or simply going with the flow and let your body decide on the position during the night.


Elise Morgan
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