Some people are able to retain a youthful appearance for a really long time. You don’t need a bunch of money to keep up with them, but just get rid of unhealthy habits and be gentle with your skin. Here are a few daily ‘sins’ that make your complexion lose its beauty and radiance.

You already know that chlorinated water, going to bed with makeup, lack of sleep and not using sunscreens are just some of the factors that adversely affect your youthful appearance. Cigarettes and alcohol are also on the same infamous list of harmful substances, but some things are not as obvious.

little things harmful


Caffeine is the main culprit for dry skin. If you want to avoid the wrinkle occurrence, keep in mind to prevent dehydration by drinking adequate amounts of water every day.

Skipping meals

Although your main goal may be to get rid of some extra pounds, be sure to do it the right way and don’t harm your skin by starving. Skipping meals can accelerate aging and skin drying and for that reason always try to include vitamin C (orange), B3 (peanut) and E (avocado) in your daily diet.

Mobile phones

Many hours that you spend talking over the mobile phone can lead to an outbreak of rash on your face, especially affecting jaw and cheek areas. Pay attention to the places you put your phone. Most of the time your phone is on the bottom of your bag, which obviously is not the cleanest place in the world. Because of that, make sure to wipe it well with the anti-bacterial wet wipes.


Take care of your sunglasses or spectacles and clean them regularly. The glasses frame is the perfect place for accumulation of bacteria that can clog your pores and cause inflammatory reactions. For this reason, be sure to wipe both the glass and the frame.


Many women can’t resist a sweet bite, but they should keep in mind that sugar is not only the enemy of a slim figure and healthy teeth, but youthful complexion also. Be careful of how much sugar you enter into your body, because the excessive intake of sugar destroys collagen, which is responsible for skin firmness.

Bojana is passionate about sharing experience, tips and tricks related to nutrition, fitness and beauty. She is all about hacking a way to a healthy lifestyle. Her daily routine is a cup of lemon water, yoga and meditation.