British scientists have made a sweet research of things which improve circulation and slow the formation of wrinkles.

You no longer have to use a bunch of different creams in order to have beautiful, sleek and tight skin. British scientists have made a chocolate anti-aging medicine, which may even neutralize wrinkles.

This new sweet medicine improves blood circulation and thus slows the appearance of wrinkles. Studies have shown if you consume up to 10 grams of dark chocolate a day you can make your skin look younger for up to 10 years.

chocolate rejuvenates

Chocolate was made by the experts of the University of Cambridge.

Also, it contain the same amount of polyphenols, which effectively help to fight free radicals.

The tests lasted for four weeks, and the participants had to eat one piece of chocolate every day. It has been proven that they improved blood circulation and that the chocolate acts as a prevention against wrinkles.

– Clinical tests have shown that the inflammatory processes of the skin reduced, and that tissue can be regenerated – said one of the participants in this study, Dr. John Petajev – We have improved the physiology of the skin and at the same time slowed down the aging.

However, some doctors are great skeptics and are concerned about this product.

– It is certain that chocolate contains a substance which can successfully help fight diseases and aging, but we must not forget that eating large amounts of chocolate can lead to an increase in the number of calories, and therefore to obesity – warn doctors of the University of Glasgow. – Therefore, the researchers had to substantiate their claims with the additional evidence that will provide answers to many more questions and concerns.

Specialist for nutrition at College University of London, doctor George Grimble added that previous studies have shown that a slow antioxidant astaxanthin is more effective when applied directly to the skin, not when it participates in the process of digestion.

– However, it should be noted that astaxanthin does have antioxidant activity and very few adverse effects, so this finding seems promising – said Grimble. – However, it is too early to draw conclusions about the long-term effects.

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