If you are getting ready to go on a vacation, you may find these tips on how to have easy and peaceful trip useful, and might even help you avoid health problems and frustration.

Never take a sedative before the trip. The mind should be awake and calm during the trip. Instead of sedatives, have a nice self-massage with warm sesame oil before the trip, this will help you relax. Wipe off excess oil with a wet towel, then take a shower.

Once you arrive at your destination, soak your feet in warm salt water for a few minutes. You will feel the stress leaving your body and mind. This is especially useful after a long hike or a long sitting in the bus or a plane.

Occasionally spray your face with a cold mineral water. This way you will cool off, also compensate for the lost skin moisture and balance the unstable vata dosha (according to ayurveda, the imbalance of vata dosha affects all other doshas).


Spray your face and the neck with the rosewater. Or, soak a cotton handkerchief with the rosewater and press it on your eyes for several minutes.

Avoid alcohol and coffee during a flight or during long trips. Alcohol and caffeine extract fluids from the body, which leads to the formation of dry, scaly skin. It also affects the sleep disorder. Instead, eat fresh and juicy fruits, drink plenty of water and herbal tea.

Put a little essential oil on the forehead: it improves the circulation, soothe nausea during travel, as well as the stomach.

Constipation is a frequent travel companion, especially if you are traveling to colder regions. That’s why is recommended to take triphala in the evening – it cleans the body of toxins and stimulates digestion.

It is very important that you eat regularly during the trip, to make your metabolism work well. Choose light meals, such as salads, boiled vegetables or cooked cereal.

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