Russian scientists claim to have discovered a fabulous drink, in this case it is the bacteria, which can ensure eternal youth.

Researchers have decoded the DNA of these highly resistant bacteria that is extremely immune to cold, and now they’re trying to isolate the genes that give them the ability to survive for millions of years in the harshest conditions.

Tests on bacteria injected in mice started to show positive results.

“In all experiments, Bacillus F stimulated growth and has strengthen the immune system,” said Dr. Sergei Petrov from research center Tyumen in Siberia.


“The bacteria throughout its life provides active biological substances that stimulate the immune system,” explained the “Siberian Times” epidemiologist Dr. Viktor Černjavski.

“Older mice have not only become lively, but they can have cubs again,” he said.

After the experiments were conducted in mice, tests were conducted on human cells to determine if bacteria can have a positive effect on the human body.

“Tests on human erythrocytes and leukocytes are very optimistic,” said Petrov.

His experiment caused considerable controversy and debate and recently made an unexpected turn: Bruskov, head of department at Moscow University, revealed that he himself injected the bacteria bacillus F in order to test its effect on people.

“After successful experiments with mice and flies, I thought it would be interesting to try inactive bacterial culture,” he explained.

Although he admitted that it is too early to make any conclusions, Bruskov said that he has already noticed some effects.

“I started to work longer and more than two years I haven’t had a cold,” he said.

Russian scientist, however, did not want to declare possible side effects, “Maybe there was some, but it can be safely detected only with the help of special medical equipment.”

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