Scientists say that there is a thousand year old medieval drink made from onion, garlic, wine and cow bile that can destroy many types of bacteria.

This powerful elixir from the tenth century was created by the Anglo-Saxons. The funny thing is that the ingredients did not show a positive effect if they were not combined together. This ancient curing recipe has been found in a manuscript kept in the British Library. This manuscript is considered one of the earliest known medical textbooks and provides knowledge about Anglo-Saxon doctors and their prescriptions for medicines and treatments.

After using this potion on laboratory animals, scientists were able to come up with amazing results.

Associate Professor Dr. Christine Lee of the University of Nottingham said that this medieval herbarium contains a lot of recipes used for treatment of all kinds of wounds, sore eyes and throat and skin problems such as rashes and leprosy.

Dr. Lee came up with the idea to try this recipe and described the specific method of making this beverage. Method involves a brass vessel in which it is cooked. Beverage needs to be filtered and has to stand for nine days before first use.

Christine believes that modern research can benefit from ancient methods that are generally found in writings such as these.

Scientists have tested this drug on bacteria that are difficult to treat, such as staphylococcus, and found out that positive results come only if all the ingredients are combined together. In that case only one of the thousand bacteria survives.

Take a look at the method of preparation:

“He took the same amount of balm for the eyes, crop leeks and garlic and crushed all this together. Then he took the same amount of wine and cow bile mixed with leek and placed it in a brass vessel where everything is cooked for nine days.”

At the end, liquid is filtered and applied on any part of the body that is infected with a bacteria. Copper and bile salts kill the bacteria and onion produces chemicals that affect the ability of bacteria to damage the infected tissue.

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