Potatoes, for quite some time now, have a bad reputation, but pretty unjustified, so many forget its valuable ingredients.

In recent years food trends are changing almost at the speed of light. What is to be healthy today will no longer be tomorrow. Many foods that we have experienced as healthy for many years, or at least acceptable, suddenly become harmful and useless. One such food is potato.

Yes, we agree, it is great injustice! The food that feeds the hungry and poor, and have saved many of our ancestors, some people of today call “empty food product” that does not contain anything valuable. Is it really so?

According to some studies, fried or baked potatoes are not that valuable, but that is the result of aggressive heat treatment that destroys all the valuable ingredients. However, this is not the case only with potatoes. Many other foods lose their healthful properties at high temperatures.


In any other case potatoes are neither harmful nor unhealthy. On the contrary. If you, for example, cook the crust, potato retains all its nutritive value. Although it is pejoratively called “empty” food, potato contains a lot of valuable constituents such as phenolic compounds, and with the amount it contains it could go side by side with famous broccoli.

Also, it help protect the body against cancer, as well as some lung diseases.

Since it is not among the “food celebrities”, especially in recent years, many people do not know that the potato contains high amounts of vitamin C, which protects against a whole range of diseases.

Potato is also a great source of vitamin B6, as well as healthy fiber. It can be prepared in many ways, but you should avoid fried potatoes.

The truth is that the potatoes are caloric and you should not overdo with the quantity, but there is absolutely no reason to give it up completely. Especially if you heard it is useless, because that is no truth at all!

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