Orange is a fruit that almost everyone likes, right? Not to mention delicious fresh squeezed orange juice that millions of children prefer to drink in the morning before school or kindergarten. This fruit doesn’t only taste good, but is also incredibly rich in minerals, water, vitamin C, fiber, etc. Everything we need in one day!

Orange is juicy and sweet citrus fruit, known for its high concentration of vitamin C. Oranges are the ideal snack, and can give a special flavor to many sweet and savory recipes. Both middle part of fruit and the peel itself can be used in many different ways.

This citrus fruit is best known for large amounts of vitamin C. Orange health benefits are many. In addition to this powerful vitamin, orange also contains other medicinal properties that can improve and rejuvenate your body. Even a little child knows that orange is the real treasure for the organism, but few people know that like all other citrus fruits, it hides the other, almost magical properties which should not be lightly given up.

Ever since the ancient times orange juice is served for cleansing the body, from the real poison and from the excessive amount of food that can distract digestion. Back then, orange was called the fruit of the gods and in mythological stories was written that it Herkules stole them from the gods because they gave him strength. A couple of centuries later, in the 17th century French women nurtured their skin with fresh orange juice. Today, extracts of this fruit is an inevitable ingredient of cosmetics and perfumes all around the world.

Orange has many positive effects on the health due to the high concentration of an antioxidant (vitamin C ). It may be used for prevention of various diseases. Take a look at other magical benefits of orange:

Benefits of Orange

1. The amount of minerals and vitamins

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoid. One average orange weights about 130 grams and contains a sufficient daily dose for intake of vitamin C.
It is rich in plant fibers that make it easier to digest, but it also contains a large amount of cellulose that provides satiety between meals. White membrane beneath the peel needs to be removed because it contains the most bioflavonoids.
Oranges are a good source of B vitamins, amino acids, beta – carotene, pectin, potassium, folic acid, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, manganese, chlorine and iron.

2. Improves eyesight and skin quality

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin A and beta carotene, lutein is also found in oranges. Therefore, orange improves your vision and your eyes. This fruit also contains antioxidants that can clean your body of various toxins, which are then eliminated through the skin. In this way, the skin is rejuvenated and it becomes softer.

3. Prevents cardiovascular diseases

Oranges are very useful when it comes to cardiovascular disease. Potassium contained in the orange successfully reduces the risk of heart attack and destroys harmful homocysteine that can be found in the blood.

4. Prevents kidney stones

Citrus acid that is found in oranges helps kidney patients and eases pain. Citrus acid destroys kidney stones, so it makes it easier to eject them.

5. Speeds up reconciliation process

We have already said that orange can successfully regenerate your body. Thanks to this healing effect, orange accelerates the process of reconciliation so they are useful for athletes and people who are exposed to injuries.

6. Strengthens the immune system

Besides lemon, orange can significantly strengthen the immune system, thanks to vitamin C, and other vitamins that are found in the citrus fruits.

7. Reduces high blood pressure

It has been proven that oranges reduce high blood pressure. Hesperidin and magnesium are the most responsible for this healing effect. So, this citrus fruit is great for those who have problems with high blood pressure.

8. Increases hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is very important for our body because it carries oxygen throughout the organism. If you have a shortage of hemoglobin that means that your body gets less oxygen, which can be very dangerous. If so, oranges are perfect food for you. This fruit increases the amount of hemoglobin in your body.

9. Lowers your cholesterol and helps you with weight loss

Oranges are definitely the most popular fruit because they help with weight loss. They are involved in almost all diets and can demonstrate great results.

10. Prevents Cancer

A large amount of vitamin C and the substance that is called D-limonoid are included in this citrus fruit and can reduce the risk of cancer of the mouth, skin, lungs, breast, stomach and colon.

11. Incredibly nutritious

Oranges are perfect natural snack. They offer you a huge amount of energy and necessary vitamins that will help strengthen the body and the entire organism.

12. Orange essential oil

Oranges inherently have a wonderful scent, but can you imagine the scent of the orange essential oil? It’s just beautiful. Essential oil of orange has been used in ancient civilizations because they have found their antibacterial and antifungal effects as well as their ability to lower blood pressure and rapid pulse. Apart from ordinary oranges, there is bergamot orange that is specially grown for making perfumes and aromatherapy.

13. The inner side of the peel

The inner side of orange peel is rich in flavonoids – antioxidants that reduce the risk of stroke.

14. Minerals

In addition towell-known vitamin C, oranges are also rich in magnesium and calcium that are responsible for stronger bones.

15. Water

Oranges contain 86% water, which makes them a great snack if you’re on a diet and quickly creates a feeling of satiety that lasts for a long time. One tip: how do you know which are juicier and sweeter? Simply choose one with a less rough peel.

16. Juice

From a single orange you can make 90 ml juices – the biggest source of vitamin C. But if you still prefer purchasing instead of growing your own, be aware of the fact that 85% of oranges in the world are used for this purpose – making juice.

17. Oranges are a great fruit for pregnant women and smokers

Pregnant women should eat as much as possible of this wonderful fruit, because they are rich in folic acid which is essential for the development of babies. As for the smokers; have you already heard that nicotine destroys vitamin C? Therefore it is often said that smokers require three orange a day for health, while for those who don’t smoke only one is enough.  This is only the one among the many of orange health benefits.

Interesting facts:
In Nepal, orange is eaten whole, along with the peel.

Kitchen table in Afghanistan cannot be imagined without this juicy fruit. In addition to being eaten as an appetizer, orange juice is often served as a dressing for many stews and meats, partly because of its ability to improve taste and aroma of any meal, and partly because it provides better digestions.

On the island of Jamaica orange juice is used, not only for eating and preparing juices, but also as a help with cleaning of floors and their disinfection.

A favorite dessert of Swiss is orange slices topped with whipped cream.

Fresh squeezed orange juice was first introduced in the regular diet of soldiers in the US Army during World War II. After its completion, in the United States began the first industrial production of juice. A screwdriver is a popular alcoholic highball drink made with orange juice and vodka that each of us at least once tried.

There are hundreds of varieties of oranges; their taste and aroma depend not only on the region where they grow, but also on the side of the fields on which the plant stem. As a rule, this should be done on the eastern slopes.

The color of orange peel has no correlation with the color and taste of the fruit inside. Bright red bark is not a sign that the fruit is sweet, as is commonly thought.

Soldiers who once saved Marseille from the Spanish occupation, the French women greeted them with orange flower petals as an act of glory and respect.

The sweetest orange varieties are hybrids of their mixing with other, sweeter fruits.

It sounds incredible, but the United States is one of the world’s largest growers of oranges: on sunny plantations throughout the country there are around 25 billion trees of this fruit.

Around the world hundreds of varieties of oranges are grown, and you are wrong if you think that the trees bear fruit only in the summer months. In Valencia the harvest months are in the spring and for example, around Washington oranges are ready for harvesting in winter.

is a health blogger and journalist who tries to live according to nature . She is regular contributor to many blogs and websites providing health and wellness tips. Combining alternative medicine approach with facts of modern science, Marija continues to promote knowledge and share valuable information the easiest way possible. Her motto is: health is not a goal, it's a way of living.


  1. I believe Vitamin C is one of the first vitamins to be depleted due to stress. Whenever, I have a chicken that has cold stress, one of the first things I give it to ‘reboot’ the system is half an orange. I actually learned this from one of my poultry and then looked it up afterwards. I had a frizzled rooster suffering badly from cold stress and as he was gasping for air, I could not give him the usual rescue remedy of water and organic sugar. I cut an orange in half to get a little fruit to place in his beak and he ignored me and went for the half an orange directly. All the best from Normandie, Sue

    • Hello dear Sue, can you explain more this ‘reboot’ the system with half an orange?
      I heard that vitamin C helps reduce both the physical and psychological effects of stress… are positive effects similar to those that occur in people?

      • Hi Alexander and Bojana,
        Yes sure. I keep organic poultry in a forest garden, old breed chickens, fantails and quail. The chickens live almost as they would in the wild, in small flocks and within each flock, there may be couples, families and friends but they can still be subject to stress. In a bird stress can be fatal within 24 hours and is caused by a variety of triggers such as, loss of status, predator attacks and extremes of temperature. What happens after stress is that a bird starts to ‘close down’, the electrical impulses that govern motor function and the nervous system, cease to function. The bird stops eating, it stops talking, its wings droop, it can no longer maintain balance when it walks, finally it will descend into coma. At the first signs the bird needs an electrolyte, I give a little organic sugar in water or apple cider vinegar in water. However, as a bird may also have difficulty in breathing when stressed, you really do not want to give liquids as this may cause water to enter the lungs, so I place a small amount of orange within the beak, that way the bird can get Vitamin C and sugars from the fruit and it works! Cold stress is a real killer of birds as is heat stress and it is so simple to get them out of it with natural foods. I have written several articles on stress on my blog if you are interested. With regards to humans and stress ,Vitamin C has recently been studied in relation to its ability to regulate cortisol and prevent blood pressure from spiking and as stressed chickens have high cortisol levels I am guessing this is part of the equation too. In the winter, when there is less leafy green food about, I regularly put out halves of oranges as a preventative to keep their vitamin C levels up. I am lucky in that my local organic shop gives me the damaged fruit and vegetables. We also make our own toothpaste and one of the ingredients is dried orange peel, which is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial and also removes stains. I also use essential oil of orange in making shampoo and make orange marmalade and I make sweets from orange peel, so we use oranges a lot!! All the very best from France, Sue

        • Very helpful information, Sue! I like your preventative approach for birds. Personally, I’m interested in orange toothpaste and shampoo. Can you tell me more about this products? Vitamin C is very important for the hair, so would like to hear about it.

          • Hi Aleksandar,
            The shampoo recipe is really simple, you take a piece of good quality organic olive oil soap and grate it into litre of warm mineral water, mix with a spoon until it is dissolved this is called a ‘soap stew’. I then add a teaspoon of raw organic coconut oil and mix that in. Leave it to cool – it will become solid. Then take a hand blender/stick blender and mix it until it become smooth – this is important because the action of the blender works like an emulsifier and makes it easier to pour from the bottle, otherwise it goes a little lumpy. Then I add 10 drops of Essential oil of ylang ylang and 5 drops of Essential oil of sweet orange and shake the bottle to distribute the oils. Both these essential oils and the coconut oil are very good for all types of hair and skin. Coconut oil will also promote hair growth and strengthen fine, fragile hair. The toothpaste recipe I use is from an old Swiss one I found in an aromatherapy book, it is called ‘Snow caps’ and I have written it all out in an article and also give explanations for the ingredients and reference the original book. It has all natural ingredients and we have been making and using it for over three years the recipe is here We were paying a lot of money for an organically certified toothpaste and then I found that glycerin, which it contained actually coated the teeth and stopped them from remineralising, if they had cavities – so I decided to make my own! All the very best and hope this is of use, Sue

    • Dear Sue,
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I have heard also that you can face lack of vitamin C due to stress. However, have you used orange in some natural remedies.If yes, please share.:)

      • Hi Bojana, I replied above as a joint response to you and Alexander. I also put a recipe for shampoo and a link to one for toothpaste that uses dried orange peel. Do you have recipes to share? All the very best, Sue

        • I really appreciate all the recipes that you shared! My favorite recipe is orange peel and yogurt mask.
          Take an orange peel and clean it; add a tablespoon of yogurt to the orange peel and blend it to prepare a neat paste that is free from lumps.Prepare the face for the application of the orange peel and yogurt face mask by washing it with warm water. Scrub the face after applying the paste evenly over it.Hold on to the face pack for about 20 minutes and then, rinse off with the cold water.This face pack works effectively to remove the dead skin that is clogged on.
          Enjoy! 🙂