Many times now scientists thought they had found a real substitute for sugar – a supplement that would be a healthier alternative for sugar in all kinds of foods and beverages. It turned out that all former sugar substitutes were healthier than sugar but not so sweet. It seems that now we are on the verge of a great discovery!

Until now, sugar alternatives such as Splenda, Sweet ‘n Low’s, Stevia and other things were not giving the expected results and didn’t have a chance to replace a fine thing called with a name so sweet and simple, sugar. That’s all because sugar is unforgettably sweet and fine.


Of course, some will tell you how they love the taste of stevia and how they were able to replace sugar with it, but be sure that those who are claiming that are not likely to tell the truth. Or simply they are telling you “their” version of the truth, which often means they simply aren’t sugar lovers as much as you are. They may have found a replacement only if they try the latest product of the company DouxMatok, which has a new alternative for sugar. It is said that this replacer is perhaps even sweeter than sugar itself. Surely you wonder is that even possible?

The idea of DouxMatok is very much simple. They combine natural sugars such as fructose and sucrose and the result is a product twice sweeter than regular sugar, which means that you can use half as much to achieve the desired taste with less calorific value.

Scientists have already done tests with chocolate and dairy products and seems to have found the right thing. Realistically, this all sounds too good to be true, but let’s wait for the product to enter the final phase of testing, because if it turns out to be true, we will be able to eat sweet without any problems.

Sugar will stay for few years and after that it will become just one more sweet memory.

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