The water is clear, colorless liquid that forms rivers, lakes, oceans and rain on Earth, and it is one of the basic components of all living beings. Water is a liquid at standard conditions of temperature and pressure, but on our planet it is often found in its solid state, ice, and in its gaseous state, steam. You already heard all this facts. But, did you know that when the water is left to boil for too long or for a repeated boil, its chemicals are changing for the worse?

Kettle become an part of most households in recent years. Its purpose is to boil water, so remember that while you read this article.

Our grandmothers have always known that good coffee needs thoroughly cooked water. If water is cooked for too long our grandmothers would trow it away and pour a new one. They simply knew that something is wrong… Rather than to get rid of harmful substances – long boiling or multiple boiling increases their concentration! In that way even healthy minerals can become harmful. One of them is calcium, which then leads to stone formation in the body if such water is consumed more often.

Here’s which elements increase in their concentration at double boiling of water:


The World Health Organization claims that the greatest threat to drinking water is just arsenic, which leads to poisoning, problems with the digestive organs, diabetes, neuropathy, cardiovascular disease, skin lesions and even to cancer.


High temperatures turns into nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic – devastating to the ovaries, bowel, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and can even cause leukemia.


Some scientific studies have confirmed that fluoride affects the reduction of neurological and cognitive function, reduce fertility and IQ in children.

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