Numerous studies have shown that some ingredients, which are used in cosmetic industry, effectively help in various skin problems. When buying a new face cream, pay attention to its content and take a good care of your diet.

Although there are hundreds of tonics, magical creams and similar cosmetic products on the market, which are claimed to be helpful when it comes to skin care, the truth is that if you don’t take good care of your skin, nothing will actually help.

It is well known that no cream is able to repair the damage incurred by certain experimentation on the skin or long-term care neglect. If you are persistent and determined, the results will soon be visible.


Zinc is a mineral that is absolutely necessary for healthy skin and hair. It’s one of those minerals that affect the skin from within, help its regeneration and stimulate a youthful appearance. The greatest amount of zinc is found in the foods rich in protein, such as meat, fish, legumes, milk and dairy products. If you are facing zinc deficiency symptoms, there are certain dietary supplements that can compensate for the lack of zinc.

Natural Skin Care Tips

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid)

Your skin needs all the vitamins and minerals in order to be healthy and shiny, but some of them are extremely important. Vitamin B5 is responsible for the skin elasticity. This vitamin helps in the reconstruction of connective tissue, which prevents the appearance of fine lines and age spots. Higher amounts of vitamin B5 can be found in the egg yolk, animal liver, yeast, mushrooms and wheat.


If you have problems with itchy skin, calendula-based creams can be of great help. Calendula flower has anti-inflammatory properties, makes the skin soft and helps with natural recovery.

Shark cartilage

Skin care products containing shark cartilage can do wonders for your skin, because it is believed that this ingredient stimulates the production of collagen and makes the skin soft and elastic. This component also allows the skin to stay firm for longer period of time.

Vitamin C

This vitamin stimulates the production of collagen and blood circulation and at the same time makes your skin tight, soft and shiny. Vitamin C is most commonly found in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and berries, as well as various nutritional supplements.

Healthy diet

Effects of the food you eat become visible on your skin sooner or later. If you consume mostly fast and fatty foods, sweets and other ‘garbage’, the negative results will be reflected on your skin. So, forget about potato chips, hamburgers and French fries and and move toward a healthier foods, such as fruits, vegetables, salads and soups.


You need to drink six to eight glasses of water each day to keep your skin hydrated enough. In order to absorb the liquid properly, water must be consumed in small amounts throughout the day, and keep in mind to never take the entire amount at once or in two times.

Get enough sleep

Make sure to sleep at least seven to eight hours every night. Lack of sleep will emerge as dark under eye circles. Enough rest will affect your skin in a positive way and improve your brain health.


The sun damages our skin, but solarium is even more harmful than the sun, so it is best to avoid it. Damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun is permanent and cannot be removed. It is no wonder that many celebrities stay away from the sun, because it accelerates skin aging.

Stay in the open air

Try to spend time outdoors, breathing fresh air as much as you can, but avoid being out in the windy and cold weather in order to prevent the skin damaging.

Regular skin exfoliation

Do the skin exfoliation twice a week to remove the old, dead skin cells and release your pores from the dirt and impurities.

Choose the most appropriate cream for your

It is best to choose a day care cream that matches your skin type best. Don’t forget to apply the cream on a daily basis.

If you have neglected your skin care, it’s never too late to start with it again, because the way you treat your skin today, will surely be visible in the future.

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