The word anemia, translated from Greek, literally means – no blood. This widespread but somewhat neglected disease requires timely treatment to avoid serious consequences for human health. One of the most effective and safest therapies for the treatment of anemia is to implement the natural remedies.

Anemia is a common disease among women and particularly among pregnant women and women with plentiful menses. Also, women often subjected to rigorous diets generally do not consume sufficient amounts of iron, and that lead to the emergence of anemia. Besides the above challengers of anemia, there are other, more serious causes, such as: different internal bleeding (ulcer, hernia), piles, tumors of the digestive tract …), poor absorption of iron (celiac disease, Crohn’s disease), anemia due to an increased or accelerated degradation of red blood cells – which is a consequence of disturbances in the red blood cells or outside them.


How to recognize

This disease doesn’t always have clear symptoms. One cannot even suspect its presence, since it gradually and imperceptibly weakens the body.

The symptoms often appear only when the iron reserves are completely exhausted.

Then comes the weakness, dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, rapid fatigue, the appearance of pallor on the face, broken nails, hair loss, loss of appetite, headaches, bleeding from the nose and gums…

It is very important to do regular blood tests and detect disease on time, but also go to the doctor and make sure what the cause is.

How to get more iron

The daily iron requirements vary and depend on the age, gender and reserves in the body. It is believed that children and women of childbearing age should consume about 15 milligrams of iron a day, while men need for this mineral is reduced to about eight milligrams. In pregnant women the daily need for iron increases to about 30 milligrams.

It is believed that the iron in meat is easier to adopt, but that doesn’t mean vegetarians will certainly have iron deficiency. It is much more important to the health of the internal organs (liver, digestive tract) and to a better absorption. In addition, one research have shown that people who do not eat meat have a higher propensity for iron deficiency, if compared to non-vegetarian.

Intake of iron from foods is affected by the proper combination of various components of the food.

In order to better absorb iron:

  • Eat raw vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C with a meal containing iron. Vitamin C significantly improves the assimilation of iron in the body.
  • Use of freshly squeezed juice before meals also increases the body’s ability to adopt the highest possible amount of iron.
  • You should eat separately dairy products and other foods rich in calcium from food rich in iron, because it has been proven to be disruptive to assimilation of iron.
  • Avoid using caffeinated beverages (coffee, black and green tea), especially after eating.
  • It was noted that the preparation of food in containers made of cast iron slightly enriched foods with iron.
  • Smoking should be avoided in case of anemia, as it promotes its development.

Foods rich in iron

* Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, soy)

* Nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts)

* Potato

* Whole grain cereals

* Pumpkin seeds

* Cocoa

* Eggs

* Meat

* Fish

Breakfast rich in iron

Take five to six tablespoons of oat flakes and put in the soy milk. Add two tablespoons of cocoa, a tablespoon of ground walnuts and cinnamon to taste. Drink squeezed oranges juice with a teaspoon of honey before meal.

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