What do you think of this myths about your body?

Myth 1 – Shaving makes hair stronger and thicker

Most people will tell you that this is true, but it’s not. Hair grows from the root and not from the part where you cut it. Therefore, nor they are denser nor are tightened.

Myth 2 – Food from the floor

That famous saying about the food you can eat off the floor if it isnt been there more than five seconds is FALSE!

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Salmonella can survive for up to four weeks on the floor. Bacteries are resistant and cleave almost immediately on groceries when they come in contact with it. Bread with spread and meat slices off the floor will have many more microorganisms in a second than bread without anything.

Myth 3 – Do not wake a sleepwalker

This is really a myth that many believe, that if we should wake a sleepwalker it may get a heart attack. You need to do it gradually and easy cause you dont want to startle a sleepwalker but he most certanly will not get a heart attack. Sleepwalkers are unaware of their actions , so you should check whether the windows are closed so they cannot be injured in any other way.

Myth 4 – We do not use our brains enough

How many times we have heard that we use only ten percent of our brains . It is absolutely not true, say scientists. Our whole brain works constantly, and any brain damage will show us that it is apsolute nonsence to believe in this myth.