Maybe it’s not the best solution if you want to have the perfect abs. but believe it or not, beer is very good when it comes to skin and hair health.

Anti-wrinkle impact

Brewer’s yeast is a real miracle and as such is one of the most important ingredients of various organic body care products, also known under the name adenosine triphosphate. It is very effective against wrinkles as it improves skin regeneration. Most people know that red wine is good for the skin, but beer which contains silica gel, destroys free radicals that damage the skin and internal organs.

Say goodbye to pimples

Brewer’s yeast reduces the symptoms of acne occurrence by slowing down the secretion of sebaceous glands and destroys bacteria, which are considered to be the main trigger of acne occurrence. This ingredient maintains a normal pH level of the skin.

Make your skin glow

It is ironic that people consider beer noxious or poisonous, because it actually helps to remove toxins from the skin. Of course, if you drink in moderation. The result is a shiny skin. Also, vitamin B present in beer affects the softness of skin.

Beer is also good for your skin because it eliminates dandruff and makes the skin smooth, thanks to the pantothenic acid and vitamin complexes in possession.

Soft feet

Soaking your feet in a beer bath will make your skin softer and it will remove dead skin from your feet. Brewer’s yeast, protein and B vitamins nourish your skin and they are responsible for the softness of your feet. Black beer is even more efficient because it is not so diluted and is richer in antioxidants, protein and nutrients.

beer benefits

Hair care

When you soak, wash or spray your hair with beer, every hair on your head will be grateful. In addition to B vitamin, proteins in hops regenerate damaged hair. Maltose and sucrose sugar in beer make hair shiny. Overall, beer is very good for your hair and it will give it glow, density and higher volume.

Beer bath

You never would have thought to take a bunch of beer and fill up the tub with it. But if you want to feel all the benefits of beer on your skin at once, this is more than obvious solution.

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