Beetroot is a kind of vegetable that grows underground, more precisely it is a kind of root. This is the main reason why it doesn’t look attractive at first glance if it’s unpeeled or unwashed. Perhaps this is the main reason why beetroot is really poorly used in the daily diet in most people, and this is why children do not appreciate it that much.

But that certainly doesn’t matter much when it has a real magical powers, and those who understand the importance and benefits of beetroot will delight their health, their body, and many vital body functions.

So, what are the benefits of magic beetroot?

– We all, more or less, know that it is good for the blood, as well as other red, especially dark red (the color of blood) fruit. That’s the first thing they taught me when I was a kid.


It has great power of recovering blood and blood cells. Therefore, it is also used in the treatment of leukemia.

– Regular consumption of fresh beetroot and beetroot juice affects blood pressure lowering.

– Due to the great amount of iron it contains it’s used in the treatment of anemia. Beetroot is one of the few foods containing high amounts of iron.

Whenever is necessary to intake as much iron as possible in order to increase red blood cell production, YOU SHOULD always eat beetroot.

– A wealth of minerals: manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, cooper.

– Vitamins: folate (vitamin B9), vitamin B6, vitamin C (among others).

– Includes dietetic fiber, so it should be used for the correction of body weight and digestive tract, the health of the digestive system.

– It contains silicium, which is very important for proper body function, because of the absorption of calcium and therefore it is a logical conclusion that beetroot indirectly affect bone health, as well as skin, hair, nails and so on.

– Beetroot has a detoxification effect, not only because of the antioxidants it contains, but also because of betaine, an ingredient that helps the liver cleansing as it participates in the process of excretion of toxins and other harmful substances.

– And finally beetroot is a strong “weapon” for the athletes because more studies prove, among which is the study from the University of Exeter, that beet juice if consumed after a strenuous workout significantly impact on improving the recovery. It also increases performance during training and competition due to its high content of nitrite, which is important in the oxidative processes during exercise.

At the Tour de France in recent years, an interesting situation occurred when the cyclists were tested every day and their urine had a strange color, reddish to be precise, and the reason is the large consumption of beetroot juice, believe it or not!

If I were asked which fruit or vegetable is “healthiest” without thinking I would point out beetroot and avocado.

Beetroot juice, carrot and apple (with the addition of cinnamon)? Surely you know this mega delicious, mega healthy refreshing drink!

beetroot benefits

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