“Every person is born lucky and if it’s not, it’s their fault. This means that he or she violated and continues to violate cosmic laws.” These words have been written by the Japanese George Ohsawa, founder of macrobiotics. That means that it is almost certain that we will provoke some kind of disease if we don’t make changes in our food menu.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is crucial for our health, so holistic approach to health is becoming increasingly important. One of the most popular approaches is called macrobiotics and it teaches us that the energy balance is the foundation on how to protect and improve health. These are the words of Dr. Nina Bulajic, a specialist in medical microbiology, parasitology and macrobiotics.

The longevity of the Japanese certainly was a great inspiration that has led to the wider acceptance of macrobiotics in the Western world. In the minds of many people, but also in the minds of medical workers, there is often a sign of equality between the macrobiotic and vegetarian or raw food diet. But, macrobiotics allow the use of white meat.

You could say that modern macrobiotic diet is very similar to the Mediterranean cuisine, except that the macrobiotic diet adapts to climate, season and condition of the individual, in a specific manner.

It is important to chew! It is essential for good digestion. If you are healthy chew each bite of food for at least 30 to 50 times before you swallow, and from 100 to 200 times if you are sick.

The macrobiotic diet consists of products such as soy sauce, umeboshi plums, dried lotus and the like. These foods have medicinal effect, and their use is strongly recommended.

Macrobiotics is for everyone, the healthy and the sick. There are no chronic disease where the proper diet with healthy lifestyle cannot help. Every therapy should begin with lifestyle changes and the drugs will be applied only where it is not enough.

Macrobiotics is mainly used in the treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases and is complementary with conventional medicine.

Some macrobiotic foods are quite known remedies. For instance, umeboshi plums alkalize the body (a process of balancing pH value in the body), fresh burdock root improves the blood results and so on.

This type of review is an excellent complement to medical examinations and is particularly important for preventive purposes because they reveal weaknesses that can later cause organic disorders. Adequate dietary changes, physical activity and behavior, understanding constitution and understanding of the whole being can be a powerful tool in disease prevention.

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