With this fast diet you will lose 15 pounds in just 7 days, with the help of the hot vegetable soups! Try out this quick 7 day diet plan and lose weight fast!

If you are one of those people who are overly enjoying those tasty, rich holiday meals, you must be feeling the consequences of those meals, such as tight jeans, not being able to zip up your skirt that you bought just a couple of months ago, or seeing your love handles pop up each time you put on a narrow shirt, there’s no doubt it’s time for a diet!

There are plenty of winter diets that promise a quick weight loss, but the 7 day vegetable soup diet offers much more than just a quick weight loss. This diet not only shows you how to lose weight fast, but will also help you improve your health!

The diet that we’re presenting to you is based on a daily intake of healthy and low-calorie vegetable soups and of reduced intake of foods that are rich in fats and carbohydrates. It lasts for 7 days, but if you want to lose more than 15 pounds, you’ll need to make at least a two week break before starting a new cycle.

The meals are divided into three main meals and two snacks. The menu is not particularly diverse, but it is comforting that it lasts only for 7 days, and gives a fantastic results. If you choose to follow this diet, you must be prepared to stop drinking alcohol, because it is strictly. The things that are also forbidden are fizzy drinks (even diet ones), bread, mayonnaise, ketchup and processed sugar.

Since the fluid intake is really important, you should drink plenty of water, and you can also drink unsweetened teas, juices that contain no sugar, and coffee, but without milk. The dishes must not be fried, because they should be dietary! Every day you’ll eat different foods, but the vegetable soup is the basis for this 7 days diet plan. Besides the soup, different product is introduced every day, which should also be prepared dietary. If you don’t like what’s on the menu that day, there is a healthy alternative for some meals described here.

It is important not to use too much alternative meals, because if you do you can disrupt the intake of carefully balanced substances perfectly calculated in this menu.

After the third day should have already lost 4-7 pounds. It is necessary to drink 0.5 gal of water per day, starting from day four and all the way to day six, due to increased intake of proteins of animal origin. This way you will prevent the accumulation of toxins that build up in the process of degradation of these proteins.

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Diet plan for weight loss in 7 days

Here is what you will eat in the coming days, besides the soup:

  • Day 1 – all types of fruit (except bananas), unsweetened tea, coffee, juice, water
  • Day 2 – canned or fresh steamed vegetables, unsweetened tea, coffee, juice, water
  • Day 3 – a combination of fruits and vegetables (no baked potatoes), unsweetened tea, coffee, juice, water
  • Day 4 – bananas and skimmed milk, unsweetened tea, coffee, 0.5 gal of water
  • Day 5 – cooked or grilled white meat, baked fish with a salad with a little olive oil, unsweetened tea, coffee, 0.5 gal of water
  • Day 6 – vegetables (no baked potato) and meat (beef or lamb), unsweetened tea, coffee, 0.5 gal of water
  • Day 7 – brown rice, fruits and vegetables, unsweetened tea, coffee, juice, water

It’s proven that it melts fat! The advantage of 7 day diet is that it has a magical ingredient for fat loss, and that is a vegetable soup!

Experts have shown that this dish, thanks to the ingredients, is great for weight loss. Tomato, one of the ingredients of this soup, is a small treasure trove of vitamin C, which increases the levels of amino acids – a fat burning machines. Besides that, properly distributed meals during the day will help to speed up the metabolism.

Thanks to the fibers contained in the ingredients of which the soups are prepared, and in other foods permitted in the menu, you will not feel hungry at all! It has been shown that fibers prolong satiety and speed up the process of digestion. That’s why you will not have the urge to take snacks between meals while you are on a 7 days diet plan.

The bottom line is that by following the 7 day diet plan you can solve the problem of slow metabolism, control hunger, prevent overeating, melt fat and in only 7 days you can shed up to 15 pounds!

Vegetable soup recipe


Vegetable soup is the essential part of the 7 day diet (a.k.a. Vegetable soup diet). For preparing the vegetable soup, you will need the following:

  • 1 or 2 cans of cooked tomatoes (fresh tomatoes can be used too),
  • 1 bunch of leeks,
  • 1 pound of green beans,
  • 1 chicken stock cube,
  • 1 bunch of celery,
  • 5 pounds of carrots,
  • 2 green peppers,
  • chopped garlic, to taste.


  • Chop the vegetables into small or medium pieces,
  • Put the vegetables into the water and cook it on high temperature for 10 minutes,
  • Reduce the heat, add what’s rest and cook it until the vegetables get soft,
  • You can add the beef when cooking the soup, but make sure to remove it when the meal is prepared.

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7 Day diet menu

Day 1

Breakfast: Tea or coffee, apples and pears
Snack: Fruit juice without the sugar
Lunch: Vegetable soup, apples
Snack: Fruit juice without the sugar
Dinner: Vegetable soup, pears

Replacement: Apples and pears can be replaced with the fruit of your choice (except with grapes and bananas). Fruit can be either cooked or preserved, without the sugar.

Day 2

Breakfast: Coffee
Snack: Tea
Lunch: Vegetable soup, cooked chard or Brussels sprouts and lettuce
Snack: Tea or coffee
Dinner: Vegetable soup, 200 g of boiled potatoes with 10 g of butter

Replacement: Potatoes with Butter can be replaced with 350 g of mushrooms cooked with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

Day 3

Breakfast: Tea or coffee, pears and pineapples
Snack: Fruit juice without the sugar
Lunch: Vegetable soup, raw or cooked carrots
Snack: Fruit juice without the sugar
Dinner: Vegetable soup, baked peppers, eggplant and zucchini

Day 4

Breakfast: Cappuccino prepared with 2 dl of skimmed milk, bananas
Snack: Tea or coffee
Lunch: Vegetable soup, frappe prepared with 2 dl of skimmed milk and 1 banana
Snack: Tea
Dinner: Fried chicken, 2 dl of nonfat yogurt

Replacement: Fried chicken can be replaced with 250 g of roasted turkey.

Day 5

Breakfast: Coffee
Snack: Tea
Lunch: 300 grams of steam cooked fish, tomato
Snack: Tea
Dinner: Vegetable soup, 200 gr of baked fish
Replacement: 300 grams of fish can be replaced with 300 grams of fried squid or 150 gr of tuna in water or with 100 gr of smoked salmon.

Day 6

Breakfast: Coffee
Snack: Tea
Lunch: 1-2 grilled beef steaks, cooked zucchini and lettuce
Snack: Tea
Dinner: Vegetable soup, 300 – 400 grams of fried chicken without the skin

Replacement: Fried chicken can be replaced with 250 gr of baked turkey.

Day 7

Breakfast: Coffee
Snack: Fruit juice without sugar
Breakfast: 150 g of brown rice with vegetables to taste, onions and steam cooked carrots
Snack: Fruit juice without the sugar
Dinner: Vegetable soup, boiled zucchini and cucumber

Replacement: Breakfast can be enriched with 2 slices of whole wheat toast coated with 2 teaspoons of jam without sugar, and 150 g of rice can be replaced with 150 g of whole-wheat pasta.


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