It is widely known that lemon is a great source of calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and iron – minerals and antioxidants that improve the looks, hair, skin and nails. Keep in mind that lemon shouldn’t stay long on the skin and at that time the skin shouldn’t be exposed to the sun.

Lemon helps with acne problems and successfully removes blackheads. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and for that reason it is considered to be a natural alternative for the acne treatment.

You can simply take a slice of lemon and rub it on your face, or you can make a paste including a teaspoon of honey and a half of lemon juice and apply it directly to the blackhead area. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

lemon beauty benefits

Lemon lightens dark spots on the face and also minimizes and reduces the acne scars.

Lemon juice contains citric acid which gradually whitens and equalizes the complexion. Be careful if you have open sores or cuts on the face.

Lemon is also used for teeth whitening. Going to the dentist, for this purpose, may cost a fortune, so save both your time and money and prepare the bleach of baking soda and the lemon juice. Mix these two ingredients, apply it to your teeth and brush them gently with a toothbrush, no longer than one minute because the acid strongly affects the teeth enamel.

We also offer you a great recipe that is successful in fight against oily skin. It’s very simple, all you need to do is soak a cotton pad with the lemon juice, apply it to your face in the evening, before going to bad and wash the face in the morning. When you wake up you will be surprised with the result, oily skin won’t bother you anymore.

Lemon will make your hair color even more beautiful. Mix the lemon juice and hair conditioner, comb the hair, go out in the sun and wash it out in a few hours. Repeat the method at least once a week and soon you will notice that your hair has become soft and shiny.

One of many well known beneficial characteristics is that lemon strengthens nails. There are many expensive nail care products, but the easiest solution is already in your home.

It is also recommended to use the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice and rub it on your nails because that is the best way to solve the problem with weak, yellow and brittle nails.

Lemon soothes dry scalp and helps with dandruff. Massage the mixture of coconut and olive oil, raw honey and lemon juice into your hair. Following this step you will get rid of both dry scalp and dandruff.

Lemon has a very positive effect when it comes to chapped lips. Rub it on the chopped skin, let the lips soak the essential medicinal substances and rinse it the next morning. Lemon juice will remove all the dead skin cells, so you can apply your favorite lipstick to the super smooth lips.

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