Coffee is the perfect hangover cure, according to scientists.

New research has shown that one cup of coffee will not only awaken you, but also will stop the harmful effects of alcohol.

Five or more cups of coffee a day can reduce the levels of an enzyme that causes liver damage, heart diseases and diabetes, by as much as 50 percent, particularly in men.

coffee cure for hangover

Finnish scientists presented these findings, and the plan is to conduct a large scale study in the United Kingdom.

Academics from the University of Tampere and Finnish scientists from the National Institute of Health studied nearly 19,000 people for 10 years.

The respondents were asked about their health condition, medical history and intake of alcohol and coffee.

The report states: “People who consumed 280 g of ethanol per week (3.7 bottles of wine) had increased levels of GGT enzyme, compared with the group that has not consumed alcohol.

Other studies have shown that four to five cups of coffee a day bring many health benefits – from reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes to cardiovascular diseases.

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