Protect yourself from the consequences of the uncleansed cooling systems. Many are not aware that air from the appliances is often a hotbed for bacteria, mold and fungi.

Without air conditioning, in recent years, the summer months are very hard to bear. That’s why many of us use them, but we often forget to clean them, which can cause not only poor air quality, but also odors in the home.

When you inhale air from the uncleansed air-conditioners it may cause dangerous reactions in the body, chronic diseases, even the appearance of Legionnaires’ disease, which arises from the Legionella bacteria. This bacteria can cause a severe inflammation of the lungs, often with fatal consequences.

The infection may occur when people inhale contaminated tiny droplets from the air conditioner.

Manufacturers recommend that the machine should be thoroughly cleaned once a year, preferably in late spring. And doctors advise that maintenance is necessary primarily for hygienic or medical reasons. Purification is preventing the emergence of bacteria and other microorganisms.

You can purchase special funds in stores, mainly in the form of spray, where the product is free of bacteria and fungi. This means you should use it carefully and strictly according to instructions, it will only be so effective.

If you choose to remove and clean the filter of the air conditioner, be careful, because the plastic “poppers” can easily break. Prior to this, it is necessary to review the manual or let professional do it.

Checking the gas compressor and fan device should be left to professionals and this service costs only a few bucks. You can wash the outer box and check the drain hose, which can sometimes become clogged and condensed if water cannot drain away.

No need to wait for the device to begin spreading odors or air to start to cool or heat. Because only a correct and timely cleaned air can create a healthy environment for you and your family. Don’t forget the air-conditioning in cars, which should be serviced every two years. People prone to allergies should do that more often, as well as to clean the air conditioner in the home or at work.

Also, you should pay attention to where you set the device in your house. It shouldn’t be placed so that it blows directly towards the spot where the most people gather (furniture, dining table), because it can cause headache, sore muscles, runny nose and watery eyes. It is best to set it at a discreet place in the living room (the corner), or to find the most appropriate position, so that all the rooms in the house are “covered”.

Don’t forget that a person can suffer thermal shock if the device is not handled in the right way, namely if it is set from five to eight degrees less than the outside temperature. Avoid being on a direct impact of cold air.

Legionnaires’ disease

Cough, chest pain, fever above 40 degrees, headache and fatigue, followed by diarrhea …All this can be disease symptoms caused by Legionella. More inclined towards this disease are the elderly, especially those with chronic kidney disease, heart and lungs, as well as people with weak immune system, smokers and alcoholics. Legionnaire’s disease is three times more frequent in men. The only treatment is with strong antibiotics, but real prevention can be regular cleaning of air conditioners and washing the filters.

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