Incense is aromatic resin obtained from a boswellia tree, which grows in Asia and Africa and have aromatic properties due to which it is used in religious ceremonies, and also has a healing effect.

The so-called “Incense Route” leads from southern Arabia to the Mediterranean, is one of the oldest trade routes in the world. The use of incense for religious purposes comes from the belief that its aroma drives away evil spirits. According to ancient Indian belief daily usage of incense in the house will lead to better household.

It is believed that incense has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. In aromatherapy incense is used for the relief of stress and tension.

burning incense benefits

It is believed that inhaling the steam from the hot water with incense eases symptoms of bronchitis.

Oils should be always used sparingly, and we should not forget that undiluted oils can irritate the skin. Lemon, lavender and vanilla not only smell good but also have a positive impact on the body. People have always been using aromatherapies that involve fragrant lamps, relaxing baths and massage oils. But what is the best way to use the power of smell? How different smells affect us? And can essential oils be harmful?

Vienna pulmonologist Wolfgang Shteflich reveals that there are 100 different types of essential oils with various effects, which has been already proven in thousands of studies. It helps against insomnia, flu or gastro-intestinal diseases. Ingredients of essential oils are very small and fast, so they can quickly develop their effect in the body. Vienna pulmonologist advises when you’re buying essential oils you should pay attention primarily on the quality and always make sure to check whether you have an allergy to some ingredients.

Quality of essential oils is very important, because the concept of essential oil is not validated and therefore there is no guarantee of good quality. Label should contain the Latin name of a plant, a part of the plant that was used, a country of origin and method of production.

Always try to select products from organic farming, if possible.

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