Like in any other activity, in order to achieve results in yoga, you need to learn the basic rules. Two main rules that you need to follow are dedication and perseverance. You must be dedicated and practice yoga on a regular basis if you really want to achieve results. The biggest problem with most so-called “Withdrawal of Yoga” is not in the lack of understanding techniques, as most people believe, but in achieving the capability of establishing a habit of practicing yoga on a regular basis.


Start your yoga with strong determination if you want to persevere. Yoga begins and ends with the mind. If you can convince yourself that you really want to practice, then you should be able to maintain the spirit. Close your eyes and look deep down to find the answer to the following question: “Is yoga really important?” Give it a chance and stick to that decision. Those days when you’re feeling down and you don’t want to practice yoga, remember your initial commitment arising deep from the soul and you will always find the motivation to go forward.

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When you are well organized everything is much easier and anything you do will go smoothly and will be more interesting. Try to make regular schedule for your yoga practice and stick to it. You will always look forward to your daily yoga practice. You will get the best results if the daily practice is regular. No matter how busy you are, save some free time during the day and book it for your practice of yoga and meditation.

Release your mind

When you decide to start your yoga practice, remember that the next few minutes are intended for the development of your mind and personality. Your body can be in a great form for this activity, but, if your mind is busy sorting some other concerns your efforts are meaningless. Once you get started with your daily yoga practice all other worries and responsibilities should be disposed of elsewhere, as long as the practice is not finished.

Know your limits

Remember yoga aims to liberate your body and mind. If the situation becomes too difficult and you have to strain too much, do not practice. The most important advice is – do not go beyond your limits. Yoga is a journey that has to bring joy. While you “travel”, you have to absorb the sights and sounds, it’s not a competition or race. Learn to listen to your body. As you start to understand your body and energy, you can begin to move further with the practice. Stretch your limits and increase the challenges.


Awareness of breathing is an essential part of yoga practice. This advice will help you raise your practice to the next level. Postures and exercises practiced with proper breathing are much more effective in giving their well-being, but if they are performed without proper breathing, you are wasting your time

Be patient

Maybe you need several years to build up your present personality and physical structure. You cannot change it overnight. However, with yoga you don’t have to wait so many years to change, because the regular and systematic practice of yoga asanas and basic meditation can help you to make big changes in the shortest possible time. It is in our nature to sometimes feel like nothing changes, even if we are achieving results. You shouldn’t be so much worried about short-term results, because what really matters is the ultimate goal that you want to achieve. It takes a little time, but with dedication and perseverance, you will achieve your deepest dreams of yoga.

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Be creative

Try to add a little color and fun to your daily yoga practice, by turning on your friends who will also experience numerous benefits from practicing yoga. The enthusiasm of others will be transferred to you every day when you’re feeling down. Do not keep yoga only to yourself – bring one of your friends and spread the joy.


Don’t eat a big meal 2-3 hours before your yoga practice. Your stomach should be empty when you practice yoga. This can also be applied when you just practice yoga breathing. The food should be “fuel” for the body, and it gives you energy to perform your practice.

Proper clothing

You should wear comfortable clothing while doing yoga. It will allow you to sit in the position with legs crossed, which many techniques require, and also it doesn’t restrict your movements during practice.

The best time for yoga practice

The best time for yoga is immediately after waking up, before breakfast. At this time your mind is empty and fresh, which can allow you to follow all the rules and start your practice with greater awareness. However, if you aren’t a morning person, then the early evening is also a good time to practice yoga.

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