Beautiful and well-kept nails are a symbol of self-care, and certainly it is wonderful to see when women take care about their appearance. It doesn’t take months to grow long, nice and manicured nails, but only a few weeks. However, it is important to be patient and follow certain rules.

There are many ways to accelerate growth and improve the quality of your nails, like for example proper nutrition, or avoiding certain external influences. Extreme diets, colds and lack of protein negatively affect the growth and appearance of your nails. Through diet you should take enough proteins and minerals that help build strong nails: sulfur, iron, silicon, zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins D, A and E. Be sure to increase your intake of calcium. Vitamin D is required for the strength and nail growth.

The best way to recharge the body with this important vitamin is regular exposure to the sun. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, makes the skin more beautiful and stronger and encourages faster growth of the nail. It is found in lemons, melons, peppers, cauliflower, oranges, strawberries, kiwi, etc. If you think that your diet doesn’t contain enough nutrients, include in your dietary regimen quality multivitamins and protein shakes. Increase blood flow to the hands and fingers! It has been shown that work that involves hands and fingers, such as typing, playing, sewing or gymnastics, encourages nail growth.

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Nail polishing

We know that constant polishing has a negative impact on the health of nails, but we all know that it’s very hard to give it up. Here are some helpful tips for “healthier nail polishing“:

  • Occasionally take a break from nail polishing.
  • Do not use polish removers with acetone because they destroy and dry out the nails.
  • Choose polishes that don’t contain the notorious toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Toluene is a solvent which is placed in a polish in order to make better application. High doses of toluene can result in poor cognitive tests, irritated eyes and irritated upper respiratory system.
  • Long-term exposure to nail care products with harmful chemicals can cause brain damage and dementia.
  • DBP reduces durability of nail polish on your nails. Studies have shown that it adversely affects the thyroid gland and may prevent the normal development of the brain.
  • Also, it has a bad influence on liver function and metabolism. Research conducted in Korea showed that children whose mothers were exposed to multiple phthalates have a lower IQ.

Hand care

Strong and beautiful nails definitely look better on manicured hands. Take care of your hands regularly. Be aware of excessive cold and heat, detergents, acids and chemical substances. During cleaning, always use protective gloves. If you expose your hands to harmful substances, soak them in a bowl with olive oil and lemon, this will make your skin more resilient. If you have dry or sensitive hands, before bedtime lubricate them with olive oil and cover with cotton gloves so that oil could act overnight.

Useful tips for nail care

  • Be patient, results do not come overnight!
  • Do not bite your nails!
  • Regularly maintain hygiene of nails and do manicure.
  • Cut your nails in their natural form.
  • Every night use a natural cream or oil for your hands.

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