During the summer our body needs water, therefore we take a lot of baths, we swim a lot and it is not uncommon to get water stuck in our ears. In addition to being uncomfortable, there is a risk of ear infections. With these seven tricks, you will get learn how to get water out of your e quickly. But if it fails, and you start to feel pain, be sure to see your doctor.

Alcohol and vinegar mixture

This mixture will unclog your ear canal releasing water from the ears and along with it will prevent infection. The procedure is simple. Put half of alcohol and half of white vinegar in the bottle and put a few drops in the ear with a dropper. Drain it out of your ear by tilting the head. The acid will break up earwax in the ear and make the passage, and alcohol will help in the evaporation of water. This treatment is not recommended if you have a damaged eardrum.

how to get water out of your ear

Create a vacuum in your ear

Tilt your head to the side of affected ear and place your palm under the ear, then use your palm to gently push in and out. This will create a slight vacuum that will draw the water out of your ear. Vacuum can be done with your finger. Turn your affected ear down, put your finger in and quickly pull it out. Repeat until the water comes out. The finger has to be clean. Try to massage the ear in a clockwise direction.

Dry it with hot air

If you a hair dryer, you can use it for this treatment. Set your hair dryer to a low level and hold it at a distance of 30 centimeters from the ear. Warm air will stimulate the evaporation of water from the ear.

Jump on one leg

Tilt your head to the side of affected ear, stand on one leg and jump.  At the same time pull the earlap. Water should come out soon.

Lie down and rely on gravity

Lie down on your belly and turn your affected ear downwards. Stay in that position for a few minutes and gravity will do its thing. Water will be drained out of the ear.

Chew or act like you are chewing

The bones of the jaw are close to the ear and chewing movements can really help. Eat something, put a piece of gum in your mouth or simply improvise. At the same time, tilt your head to the side of ear that is not affected and then with a sudden movement turn your head around.

Try to yawn

Like chewing, yawning can also be very helpful, because of the movement of the bones around the ear. This method can actually bring relief, and help you get rid of the water.

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