Toothache, a terrible nightmare that has a nasty “habit” to appear during the night when you’re miles away from the dentist.

It most often occurs at night, because the body stands still at that time and more blood comes to the painful area increasing the pressure on the nerves.

Of course, a visit to the dentist is inevitable (we recommend that, when a toothache occurs, you immediately consult a dentist), but we bring you some natural remedies that will certainly help in pain relief.

toothache remedies


Put ice on the pain affected area. In most cases, the pain will immediately be reduced, because ice is an excellent solution for pain relief in the nerve endings.


It is a traditional remedy that reduces inflammations. A fresh chamomile is more effective than the old and dried one. Make a small teabag and fill it with a pinch of chamomile, soak it up with hot or cold water and hold the bag on the painful spot in the mouth for a few minutes.


Garlic is the most famous medicine of our ancestors, which was used as an analgesic and anesthetic. Precisely because of these properties, it is an excellent natural remedy for toothache alleviation. Prepare finely chopped garlic, put it into a tissue and mash it with your hands until it releases the most of its beneficial ingredients. Hold it for a few minutes on the painful cheek spot. The pain will certainly be reduced in a few moments.

Lavender and vinegar

Mix a teaspoon of dried lavender with vinegar and keep it in the mouth for a few minutes. Be careful not to swallow the liquid.


The use of alcohol may alleviate inflammatory processes caused by bacteria. Keep in mind not to drink it, but only rinse and disinfect the tooth and destroy all the bacteria.


Use a little bit of hot water to dissolve much salt as you can. Rinse your mouth with it and make sure you don’t swallow it accidentally, because it is too salty.

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