Excess back fat can be a problem for both men and women. Nobody wants to have extra fat on their body, it doesn’t only look bad, but it is also unhealthy. Fortunately, back fat is not the same as fat in other parts of the body and therefore there are several different ways to solve this problem: diets, exercises or overall lifestyle change.

However, before you decide which method suits you best, first you have to determine which part of the back is the most critical.

Fat deposits can show up in several places on the back. For most people these three areas are the most critical:

Around the breast area – If you have excess chest fat, then you have a problem with fat in the upper back area.

Around the waist area – If you have excess fat around your waistline, then we are talking about the fat in the middle of your back.

Lower back area – This is the most common area, especially in women.

how to get rid of back fat

Three ways to get rid of back fat

Regardless of which part of your body has most fat deposits, diet and exercise will definitely help. However, the most critical areas are the most important, so focus on them first.


Low calorie diet will certainly help to melt the excess fat from the entire body. Unfortunately, we cannot determine where fat will melt first, but you can choose a diet rich in lean protein, which will help you in building muscle mass. Strong back muscles will help you to improve posture, and good posture makes you look thinner. You can also do the back exercises that will strengthen the muscles around the spine and chest.

Exercises for back fat

High intensity cardio exercises will definitely help you burn fat and calories. Back fat problem can be solved with certain exercises that will also improve your posture, strengthen your back muscles, and most importantly help you get rid of back fat. You should exercise the muscles in the most critical places, which will make your back look slimmer.

Shoulder exercises – if you build strong shoulder muscles and upper back muscles, it will make you look slimmer. Exercises with weights or exercises that include lifting things above your head will help you build strong shoulders muscles.

Middle back exercises – the largest muscles of the back (Lat. Latissimus Dorsi) known as Lats, are the most important ones for losing back fat. If you strengthen these muscles, the middle back and waist will seem thinner. The best exercise for these muscles is “lat pulldowns” and it will strengthen and tone the muscles.

Waist exercises – If you want to lose weight in the waist area, it is best to do the exercises for strengthening the abdominal oblique muscles as well as muscles running along the spine. These muscles will help you shape your body contour. Bicycle and side crunches are the best exercises to stretch these muscles.

Lower back exercises – bad posture makes lower back fat more visible. Try to always keep your body and spine straight. Do the lower back exercises to strengthen the spinal muscles. Lower back stretching will help you a lot to lose fat from that area.

Overall lifestyle change

This is the hardest, but the most effective method not only for removing back fat, but also for improving the overall condition of your body. With only a few small and simple changes your fat deposits will start to melt in no time. When you focus on just a couple of small changes at a time, you begin to ingrain some healthy habits that last for a lifetime, rather than trying an all-or-nothing approach that more often than not fails because it’s too hard to follow.

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