When you get a cold it is best to try natural approach to cure a cold. Many people want to go easy way and start medicating themselves before trying alternate solutions. Cold is known as a common health problem and it will certainly “return” to you again in some time but in the meanwhile you should try these advices.

However, there’s no need for cold to last for all nine days if you apply these tips as soon as you feel the first symptoms. Sore throat, body tremors and nasal congestion can ruin your day so listen to these Healthy Fit Natural advices:


Drink more liquids

Plain water or juice alleviate sore throat and make the nose more passable. In addition to teas, the chicken soup is recommended as it compensates for minerals and electrolytes.


Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your throat with it to clean it of bacteria and viruses. In addition, it will mitigate secretion that makes you cough and have painful inflammation.

Light exercise

Several light exercises will help your immune system to cope with the cold. But it is important that the body is treated gentle and that trough a physical activity your pulse don’t exceeds one hundred beats per minute.

Nourishing dinner

It is known that sleeping is healing, and the food you eat before going to sleep may enhance the positive effect. Experts recommend that you eat lean meat, so eat more of fish, beans, brown rice, as well as many fresh vegetables because they are rich in antioxidants.

A hot shower before bed

Just before going to bed, take a shower with hot water. This will free muscles off the chills and hot steam will release you of troubles with the respiratory system.

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